Exploring Colorado: Denver Botanic Gardens

August 23, 2016

2 weeks ago, after our hot water heater was installed (adulting, y’all), we wanted to get outside so we visited the Denver Botanic Gardens. It was gorgeous! The pond had some of the largest lily pads I’ve ever seen.

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Bookmark Dump: Books, Movies and Shower Beers

Finally! I feel so bad for skipping out on these for the last few weeks. There’s just times where I don’t have anything worth sharing because sometimes I ain’t got time fo it. Most of these have a book related theme because that’s what’s been floating…

August 19, 2016
9 months old

9 months old – Well, that was fast!

9 months flew in faster than ever. I don’t know if it was because I was late in writing up Lach’s 8 month post so it feels like that wasn’t all that long ago, or maybe just because we’ve been busy doing things this summer,…

August 16, 2016
mommy brain

What the fuck is this “mommy brain” thing?

My brain is a jumbled mess, I have a hard time remembering words, and for some reason, I keep thinking it’s 2017. Is this “mommy brain” thing for real? Before I had Lachlan and would heard someone use that term, I thought it meant more like,…

August 12, 2016

Books I’ve been reading and books on deck

After reading Holding Smoke, I looked to see what else author Elle Cosimano had written and so I found out about the Nearly series. Nearly Gone by Elle Cosimano Keeping secrets is second nature to Nearly Boswell. Living in a trailer park outside Washington,…

August 8, 2016

First family vacay to the beach in Cape May NJ

When Lachlan was born we had planned on going home to visit family at some point, but we wanted to make it a vacation for us too, especially since it wasn’t going to be easy to fly with a baby and all the gear…

August 5, 2016

Sitting here amongst all the stuff and the silence

I finally have a moment to sit uninterrupted in the delicious silence, while at the same time, also be inspired to write. It’s hard to line up both of those things. Lachlan is in bed, I just ran around the house picking shit up and putting it…

August 3, 2016
july stitch fix review

My July Stitch Fix – Those Wedges!

This is going to be my last fix for a while. Stitch Fix changed the way their affiliates earn money so now, instead of getting credit to use towards Stitch Fix, I get a check in the mail. Which is fine and all since…

August 1, 2016
8 months blog square

8 months

14 days late but here we go! This month Lachlan: Weighs 20 lbs His top two teeth cut through Celebrated his first Independence Day Went to his first parade Wore his first pair of real shoes Hates fireworks Got his first tree swing Took…

July 29, 2016
dogs square

Our Fourth of July Weekend

We had a nice Fourth of July weekend. Brian had off on Friday. On the 4th, we walked down the street to the annual parade. The sidewalks were full of people and we couldn’t walk through with our stroller, so we took to the street…

July 27, 2016