My first weaving

I was seeing so many beautiful weavings on Instagram and Pinterest lately and I had to give it a go and make one for myself. So I grabbed one of our hundreds of moving boxes, cut a big piece of cardboard off, made little slits on the top and bottom for the warp to wrap through, taped it in place on the back, and grabbed some yarn in different thicknesses from my stash.

The beginnings looked a little something like this:

I scoured our yard to find a good stick to tie the weaving onto
and then I crocheted the hanger by chaining. And here’s the end result:

I enjoyed making it so much that I got started right away on a mini version:

Of course, just like in crochet, weaving in the ends is a bitch! I hate that part the most, but I’m so happy with the way it came out. It’s hanging in our family room.

I’d love to find myself a wooden loom with a heddle so I can easily alternate the warp strings, making it easier to weave the yarn in and out. But they aren’t cheap so I’d have to decide if this is something I can see myself doing more than a few times…which I think I would.

Exploring Colorado: Mt. Falcon Parmalee Trail

First of all, it snowed last Friday! What the hell. And then the next day was 80 degrees. Colorado is bipolar.

Anyway, we took a hike on Mt. Falcon. Not to my surprise, Brian decided to take me the long and steep way even though the guide book (which was purposefully bought for it’s easy hikes) had a really simple easy flat path to the lookout point we were going to. I could have strangled him I was so pissed at nearly suffocating from exercise induced asthma, but the views were amazing from what I saw through my tears.

A-Z of Me: Inspiration from Pinterest

Pinterest is one of my top sources for inspiration. I go there before even searching Google if I’m looking for a recipe or crochet pattern or for ideas for how to decorate a room. Even if I don’t have anything in mind, browsing is always fun and sucks me into a wormhole of ideas to try.

I know some people say to stop pinning and start making, and I get that because sometimes it feels overwhelming with all the things on my pin boards that I want to eventually try/make/do, but it’s such a great tool to keep all those things in one easy place to go back to when you have time. When I know I’m going to make a trip to the craft store, I’ll browse through my craft board to see what I can add to my shopping list.

What’s On My Hook: Flower Garland

It’s been a while since I posted a crochet project and I meant to share this garland sooner but kept forgetting to get around to it. I worked on this garland over a few days during our stay in the hotel while watching The Fresh Prince. Isn’t it funny how you can remember what you had on tv while crocheting a certain project? At least I do.

I tried taking pictures of this hanging up in my craft room in the new house where it lives now, but the sunlight is so bright in there that I can’t get a good shot because it’s around a window and the light makes everything too dark on the camera. So these pics are from the hotel.

The free pattern can be found here on The Yvestown Blog. And I chained 30 between each flower’s attachment.