Bookmark Dump: Tea towels, veggie roots, and crazy cute dogs

So we are going to NY for Easter this weekend. I don’t really care that much about the holiday itself but it will probably be the last time all of us will be together before we move to CO. Both of Brian’s brothers and their families will be there and that’s always hard to coordinate with everyone’s busy lives. But it should be a good time. And next weekend we are going to have to start de-cluttering the shit out of our house to get some good listing photos and to make it look nice for the open house. That’s going to be hard because I like having my stuff out right where I need it and god forbid a potential buyer sees my yarn sitting out. They might just change their mind and walk away! Or if we have a pan in the sink they might think it will come with the house all dirty like that. Ahhh! I kid. But seriously, I don’t want to have to live out of a box 3 months before we even move. So hopefully we’ll get an offer right away so I can mess it all back up again with my clutter and crochet projects.

This leather handled cutting board is beautiful and you can Do It Yourself!
leather strap diy cutting board

This word chart is a very valuable tool.

I’d love to get this Boston Terrier tea towel.

A fun way to watch your garden grow: Rootvue Farm

33 dogs that cannot even handle it right now. Get ready to crack up.

Sonya, from Kanelstrand interviewed me on crafting and blogging! Click here to read it.

Orange Is The New Black season 2 will be here June 6!! Here’s the trailer

What’s on my hook: Lace Doily Placemats

I’ve been wanting to make placemats for a long time and finally got to it with my last yarn order from KnitPicks. What I didn’t expect was just how much yarn they eat up! I intended to make 4 placemats so I ordered 4 balls of yellow, but it took 1 and a half balls to make one placemat so I’ll have to order more later on. The third one is sitting in my basket unfinished until then. I wish Knit Picks would make bigger balls. Everyone likes big balls.

But they were really fun to make! I’m afraid to actually use them though because the thought of ketchup or gravy dripping on them makes me want to cry. I guess I’m one of those neurotic crocheters who makes supposedly functional things but then makes everyone not use them. Strictly for decoration purposes!

What’s great about these mats is that you can easily change the size by changing hook sizes.

Yarn used: KnitPicks Comfy Worsted in Creme Brulee and white for the border (it’s a cotton/acrylic mix. LOVE)
Hook: 3.75mm
Pattern: Lace Doily on Ravelry in symbol chart format.

Around Here – Being domestic and all that

Lately there’s just been lots of crafting and sun bathing and being lazy. We also met up with our realtor and the house is going on the market in May. So we are spending our weekends weeding and fixing up the yard that the winter wrecked to make it more presentable. So far each weekend we spent raking old leaves and hundreds of sticks from fallen branches and each week we have 3 full garbage cans full of crap for the yard waste truck to pick up. At least we’ll get to enjoy our clean and tidy yard for the summer.

Seeeee? There’s still more piles for next week!

Trying my hand at being a domestic goddess and this happens…

We got a garden gnome flag that is sure to make the house sell…

Our wheat grass is thriving thanks to Rupert

But the basil has a long way to go…

And Mabel is still exceptionally good at giving me the lovey eyes…

Bookmark Dump: Star Wars Watches, Carrie Facts, and The Munchies

This weeks bookmark dump is quite the smorgasbord of links. Enjoy.

LucasFilm releases Star Wars watches! They are all so cool.

This is the most perfect and trendy way to share your cheese and crackers.

9 things you probably didn’t know about Carrie.

This certainly is the coolest nightlight ever.

This dreamcatcher is beautiful! Check out the DIY.

I’m totally getting these and making them into little planters.
But they are really supposed to be shot glasses!

This is such a cute shop where you can get book-inspired candles.
Here’s one for Mockingjay.

A scientific explanation of how marijuana causes the munchies.