Bookmark Dump: Pie crusts, Disney princesses, and blogging ideas

Hey guys! So I got a new laptop, only I actually hate it so I’m going to return it and get another one with Windows 7 because Windows 8 is a fucking nightmare. It actually made me cry at one point. But I also don’t physically like the laptop I got. It’s too big and wide and the touch pad isn’t in the center and it really pisses me off. So I’m going to use this one till I return it….unless it grows on me in the meantime. I don’t know.

Also, I had my embryo transfer on Monday. It went perfectly! I’ll share my experience if we get good news in a few weeks. Thank you to everyone who left me comments on Instagram!

How to disable the Windows 8 gesture that activates the charm bar
With the frustration of Windows 8, I found a tutorial on how to disable that annoying as hell Charm menu that pops up every time your finger swipes from left to right, which is like every 2 seconds. Even though I disabled it in Windows it would still show up (diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick), but this tutorial works with your mouse’s options.

If Disney princesses were historically accurate via The Homesteady.

No-bake energy bites.

Cinnamon roll apple pie. OH MY.

What should I blog about?

Dead Computer

Hey guys. So my laptop took an official shit last night. The screen seems to be in the process of losing its connection to the rest of the laptop so it’s all fuzzy and shaky and I can’t do a thing on it anymore. Any posts that show after today have been pre-scheduled. Otherwise, it’s going to be dead around here for a while before I get a new laptop. Brian has an Apple which I’m using now to write this post, but I don’t know the first thing about using one or all the buttons and commands. It’s utterly frustrating. I don’t even know how to refresh a page on here and it’s not easy blogging from my tablet. I suppose this is what our parents and grandparents feel like when using a computer haha! That’s pretty funny.

Anyway, I’ll still be on instagram and whatnot. Talk to you soon.

What’s on my hook: Pretty Triangle Scarf

I’m on a shawl kick! I can’t get enough of this Chroma yarn from Knit Picks (this specific colorway is Lake Front). This is one of my first projects using a fingering-weight yarn. I usually prefer to use worsted as I like the way the stitches look nice and solid, but I wanted something lighter that I can wear in the spring so I gave it a try.

I purchased this pattern on Ravelry to make my shawl. It worked up really fast. And I had just enough yarn that I only had to use one ball (396 yards). I lightly blocked it with my handheld steamer to really get those points to stay…hence the name, triangle scarf. Ha ha.

I have two more balls of worsted weight Chroma in a different color waiting for me upstairs. I just have to find the right project, which will most likely be another shawl/scarf. I can’t help it! The color changes keep me entertained. Oooooh look at this green! Oh wait, now it’s turning blue!

And I couldn’t resist dorking around with the automatic timer.