October in Review

Happy Halloween!

I haven’t been very active in blogging lately. Too much on my mind and I just haven’t felt very inspired. But I have been looking forward to the holidays coming. Yes, I still think it’s way too early for stores to be putting up Christmas decorations but I’m secretly enjoying it. The weather has been gorgeous lately. If it’s not in the 80s, it’s nice crisp fall weather. And we’ve been going out with friends a lot as more and more of them are relocating near us as part of the huge job relocation we had to do for Brian’s job. It’s been really nice.

Anyway, here’s what happened this month:

In life:

  • We visited Roxborough State Park
  • I tried reading The Interestings, however I lost interest
  • I finished painting the upstairs office loft/hallway area (blog post to come)
  • I crocheted the cutest owl pillow (blog post to come)
  • Mabel jumped in the bath with me and it was the also the cutest thing (see pic above)
  • A used syringe was found in the bathroom at work so all the staff had to take a piss test. I tested positive because I had been eating poppy seed muffins each morning for a week. That was fun and not stressful at all. They put it off as a false positive because it was indeed, actually false. I don’t fucking do drugs. No one knows whose syringe it was. The mystery remains.

On the blog:

A-Z of Me: Online Shopping

I find online shopping so much more enjoyable than going to the retail store. There’s always more selection online, specifically things in my size like shoes. Being a size 5.5, I can never find anything smaller than a 6 at the store. And I know my clothing sizes from the stores I usually shop at so picking the right size isn’t that big a deal.

I have only done it twice before when we lived in PA, but I enjoyed placing my grocery shopping order online at Weis. It’s so easy and saves you tons of time. You just drive up and they bring you your stuff. If there were grocery stores around me now that did that, I’d totally do it again. Why wouldn’t you? It saves you tons of time, there’s no waiting in long check out lines, you don’t have to wonder around looking for a needle in a haystack (I always have a hard time finding taco seasoning), and you don’t have to dodge people who leave their carts in the middle of aisles.

Anyway, online shopping makes me happy. Technology rules.

Weekly Snaps

1. Front porch sunlight
2. Crochet owl pillow
3. New potted plant
4. Post-massage bliss

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