8 months

July 29, 2016

14 days late but here we go!

This month Lachlan:

  • Weighs 20 lbs
  • His top two teeth cut through
  • Celebrated his first Independence Day
  • Went to his first parade
  • Wore his first pair of real shoes
  • Hates fireworks
  • Got his first tree swing
  • Took his first airplane ride and vacation to the beach
  • Met his other set of Grandparents
  • Met his Great Grandma
  • Met another Aunt and Uncle
  • Met all his cousins
  • Went on his first kiddie boardwalk ride (ferris wheel) with Daddy

Lessons learned this month:

  • My short term memory is still shit and will probably stay that way forever. Coming to terms with it.

dogs square

Our Fourth of July Weekend

We had a nice Fourth of July weekend. Brian had off on Friday. On the 4th, we walked down the street to the annual parade. The sidewalks were full of people and we couldn’t walk through with our stroller, so we took to the street…

July 27, 2016

Well, hello there strangers!

Well, hello there strangers! I took an unexpected blogging hiatus for almost the entire month of July. At first it was because I wasn’t feeling all too well. I had (and still sometimes do) a headache/migraine every day for nearly 24 days. That was…

July 26, 2016
lachlan meets the twins

Lachlan meets The Twins

Two of my best friends from my high school ballet days came to meet Lachlan and explore Colorado earlier this month. We went to different high schools but met in our dance studio. Erin (blonde hair) was in my ballet classes, and Kristin was in…

June 29, 2016
june 2016 owlcrate unboxing

OwlCrate June 2016 Unboxing

I love OwlCrate! June’s theme was ‘royalty’ and I was pretty excited to get this box. Throughout the month, they give away hints on Instagram at what will be included in the box. Here’s what I got: The book this month was My Lady…

June 28, 2016
in crowns

When life throws you solicitors, barking dogs, and summer crowds…

….you lock yourself inside your house and blast the AC and all the fans and all the Netflix! Haha just kidding…sorta. So let’s see, this week: I called the non-emergency police line regarding an aggressive solicitor that wouldn’t take no for an answer. Since the…

June 26, 2016
bluum box 7 momths

June Bluum Box: 7 Months

I love Bluum for the cute products and getting to try new products I didn’t know about otherwise. But this is the third box (out of 4) I’ve received that is valued at less than what the box costs ($34). The only way I can…

June 23, 2016
anniversary and fathers day weekend

Anniversary and Father’s Day Weekend

This weekend, Brian and I had our 9th wedding anniversary. We were about to get a babysitter, but then I chickened out and came up with excuses as to why not. We went to one of our favorite frequently visited restaurants and brought Lachlan with us.…

June 21, 2016

Bookmark Dump: Instagram hacks, surgeries, and spam

It was in the 90s all week. I do not do well in such heat. I’m already excited for the fall. That sounded like a haiku. Enjoy your weekend, friends! Here’s the best times to post on Instagram (interactive) When picking up your baby leads to…

June 17, 2016