Life lately

February 11, 2016


None of what you are about to read is all that exciting. It’s not exciting at all. Go away. Stop reading my blog.

  • Things around here have been pretty good.
  • The one good thing that came out of pseudo-moving my blog to Blogger was that I got to go way deep into the archives and remember how life was 3 years ago. It’s cool to see all the life changes we went through, the houses we hunted, the craft projects I made, the ignorance about infertility.
  • It also made me realize how much I miss being crafty (besides crochet) and how I want to incorporate more of that into my blog.
  • We got a new sliding glass door installed which really helps with keeping the draft out. It is so insulated in fact, that opening it to let the dogs out will create a loud suction noise which will wake Lachlan up.
  • We are still trying to find a bedroom furniture set. We want something with under the bed storage but in a style that’s not gaudy as hell. Plus, going into furniture stores strangely reminds me of flies on shit: I the shit, and the salespeople the flies. I hate how they jump down your throat to buy buy BUY when we just want to look at their prices. Back the eff down Suzy Q.
  • We rented The Martian and watched it twice. I loved it! Something about his positive attitude in the absolute worst situation really drew me in.
  • I’ve been really into moscow mules lately.
  • I’ve been making soups on Mondays and saving the rest for lunches throughout the week. However, I somehow managed to burn last week’s soup. How is that even possible to burn a soup? Well, I did.
  • I love and appreciate the random warm weeks we get here in the middle of winter. It allows us to go on little hikes and get out of the house. Basically, not feel depressed.
  • I’ve been binge/hate watching Pretty Little Liars. I can’t say I like the show, hell, I don’t even pay attention half the time because I’ll be doing something else, but I keep watching to find out who the hell A is and why they don’t have a life of their own to live. It irritates the shit out of me, actually. But even if I miss something, it’s not like I am lost. It’s like a soap opera in that sense: you can stop watching for 10 years, but as soon as you put it back on, you know exactly what’s going on.
  • The Walking Dead is coming back next week. And I promised myself if Daryl dies, I will no longer be watching. And this isn’t based on any spoilers or anything, I’m just saying….
  • Lately, Brian’s job is requiring him to travel one week a month and I was really apprehensive about being on my own with Lachlan, but we did it. A few nights were hard but the majority were predictable with one night feed.
  • Speaking of the little man, depending on what shows I’m watching on Roku, his nickname will change. When watching Outlander, he is Wee Bairn. When watching Game of Thrones, he is Little Lord.
  • I’m in the process of writing up my first crochet pattern to sell. I’m really excited about this!

That’s all I can think of for now.


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