Bookmark Dump: Sweet snacks and some crochet too

This week was just ehh. Monday we lost a crochet inspiration. Wednesday I wasn’t feeling good so I called out of work. Thursday I had a migraine. But today is good! And I’m giving away my gluttonous tendencies in this week’s dump.

Chocolate dipped S’mores Ice Cream Sandwiches

35 ways to earn money.
Some of these look promising.

Strawberry lemonade and orange beet freezer pops

Healthy dog snacks

Creamy four cheese garlic spaghetti

So cute and colorful!
Karma chameleon free crochet pattern.

Peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie bars

Weekly lol

June in Review

I haven’t done one of these since January…

In life:

On the blog:

Losing an internet friend and creative inspiration

Image via A Creative Being

One of my most favorite crocheters and crochet bloggers, Wink, took her life last Friday. I am so incredibly saddened by this. It took a while to sink in and then I was in tears. Even though I didn’t know her in real life, we interacted on twitter and through blog comments sometimes and she was one of my creative inspirations. I bought the book Crochet Saved My Life a few years ago while I was dealing with anxiety (and just learning how to crochet), where she was one of two dozen women who shared her story on how crochet helped her through depression. That was how I found her blog.

I fell in love with her fun and colorful crochet projects, I loved her mandala crochet patterns and would hunt down the Simply Crochet issues with her patterns in them, I learned tunisian crochet because I fell in love with her scarves. She was always willing to help if you had a question about crochet or yarn or anything. She was very active in the crochet community. She had such a sweet spirit.

I’m so sad that she lost her battle with depression and my heart hurts for her family. She will be so very missed.

Kathryn, who wrote Crochet Saved My Life, started a thread in Wink’s memory in the Crochet Saved My Life Ravelry Group for anyone who’d like to connect and remember Wink.