What’s on my hook: V-eekender Scarf/Shawlette

One of the items on my crochet bucket list has been a smallish shawl (which is known as a shawlette, I had no idea. You learn something new everyday!) so that I could wear it as a scarf and not look too much like a cold little granny while wearing it. And I found the perfect pattern (click here)!

I made this shawlette for my mom’s birthday. I know she will love it. I’m definitely going to buy more of this yarn and make one for myself.

The yarn I used was Chroma Worsted by Knit Picks in the color Sugar Cookie. The color combinations available for this brand of yarn are just gorgeous! I had a hard time choosing. I used just about all of 3 skeins (~600 yards), even though the pattern called for only 300 yards. I’m not sure what happened there, so I had to put this project on hold while I waited for the last skein to ship. I always have trouble with gauging. But the size came out just to my liking regardless. The yarn drapes nicely and has a nice weight to it.

This yarn is just delicious! It doesn’t split and is really smooth and soft. The addition of the braids on the ends makes it stay in place on my shoulders and gives it a little extra texture. I’m so pleased with this project. It’s definitely going down as one of my faves.

Like my slippies?

Things that crack me up

I’m going to release my inner teenage boy for a second and list the ridiculously immature things that make me laugh…

  • Funny names that sound like a short sentence fragment like Mia Loser or Seymore Bush.
  • When someone trips (and they don’t get hurt).
  • Any kind of joke about farts, poop, or penises.
  • Learning funny sex terms like ski poling, rusty trombone, or after dinner spinner.
  • When wood in the fireplace makes a sudden loud pop.
  • When an old car’s exhaust system makes a sudden loud bang.
  • Ridiculous YouTube videos like Double Rainbow guy or My Son Is Gay guy
    (including the Adam Sandler video, Secret, from above).
  • Large people on those really little tiny motorcycles.
  • When someone can kick really high when you totally didn’t think they could.

Weekly Snaps (and inconsequential chatter)

1. My latest project (and I’ll be writing up a pattern soon!)
2. Made some broccoli cheese bread bowls
3. Xray license all renewed
4. My first shawl, and most favorite project!

I thought I’d up my game and change it up a teeny bit and write more about my inconsequential weeks in these posts… that is if I feel like it. And today I feel like it. I haven’t really been writing much about life lately so I thought here would be a good place to do so.

First of all, this is the last week of January. What the what? This week was one of those weeks where it went from 20 degrees to 65 degrees. I love having that warm break in between storms. It helps fight off any potential for seasonal depression in my opinion. I made some broccoli cheese soup bread bowls for dinner on Tuesday. The supermarket didn’t have sourdough so I had to use french bread and it was okay, but not as good. I watched a YouTube video on how to prepare the bread bowl (since my cooking expertise consists of only grilled cheese with maybe sometimes turkey or ham), and it said to coat the inside with olive oil and bake for 15 mins. But it came out too crunchy for my liking. Maybe sourdough would have been better that way, but not french bread. Zut alors!

Friday night we were invited to our friends new house for a blind taste testing beer party. It wasn’t as hipster as I’m making it sound. They poured the beer into glasses so we wouldn’t see the labels, and then we tasted about 7 beers and picked our faves. It was a good way to get to taste new beers, and they mainly wanted to figure out what giant keg to put in their kegerator. For me, personally, I ended up loving the New Belgium Trippel, which I was surprised with. The funniest part of the night was when a few of us went outside on the deck, and Brian brought me my coat, only it wasn’t my coat, it was our friend’s 5 year old son’s coat and I was dying from laughing. I’m like, do you really think this tiny coat is mine?! It was great. So hopefully, that will be the last time I get to drink alcohol as my embryo transfer is in 29 days! But who’s counting? (Uh, me, especially since I downloaded a countdown app).

Saturday morning, around 4am, we were awoken by the son of a bitch fire alarm in our bedroom that decided the batteries wanted to give up on life so it started chirping about once a minute. And we have high ceilings so Brian had to go down to the garage to get the ladder to take it down. What a pain in the ass. Sleep is way more important than fire safety, btw. We spent the rest of the day recovering from drinking (I feel so old) and the day just flew by. I could’ve sworn it was only 11am when it was already 2pm. Not cool! I already have the Sunday night blues.

I also finished my granny square basket. I saw a similar one in an ad in Simply Crochet magazine. I couldn’t find the pattern anywhere so I just made it up as I went. I think I’m going to write up a pattern/photo tutorial because I love the way it came out. And I made my mom a shawl for her birthday. I’m so slow at getting things mailed out, but I’m working on it. I still have time. I’ll be dedicating an entire post to that crochet project in a few days. I’m still open to hearing your future crochet project suggestions!