Get those pics off your phone and into your hands with Chatbooks (plus get a free book!)

March 26, 2017

I take pictures of my kid doing cute and funny things everyday with my phone. In the back of my mind I was worrying what I was going to do with all of them once my storage space ran out. It wasn’t until I had 1100 photos and videos saved on my phone with nearly no storage left, that I needed to start looking into options for easy ways to preserve these pictures of Lachlan.

If you’re like me and have tons of photos on your phone and social media accounts but don’t have the time to sit and sort and find and upload and print the pictures you really love, but you are in need of an easy and affordable way to preserve all those memories, here’s where Chatbooks comes into play to save the day (and your phone’s storage)!

In case you don’t know what Chatbooks is, let me tell you what this genius company does.

Any photos you have on your Instagram, Facebook, or phone’s camera roll, can be uploaded into a 60 page photo book, chronologically, and with the option to import any time stamps, locations, and captions (which you can edit) for each picture. They will then print your photos in an 6×6 inch soft cover photo book and ship it to you for free. Then, if you wish to keep receiving photo books (they call this a “series”), they will send you one as soon as your next 60 page book fills up. Voila, photo book made! It’s so quick and easy, I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner.

You have some choices when it comes to customization too. You can rearrange, add/remove images, edit captions, add a title to the spine, and most importantly choose the cover photos for each book too. Or you don’t have to do any of those things and just let Chatbooks do it for you automatically in 30 seconds.

Why am I so excited about Chatbooks?

Like I said before, I had 1100 files on my phone which was nearly maxing out my storage. I needed to do something soon. And the thought of what I was gonna do with those pics I took of my kid on my phone was overwhelming! Do I sit for hours and upload them all to Google drive? Do I just delete them? (NO way I would probably cry!) Do I upload them all to a photo printing site? And then what do I do with all the prints?

So I downloaded the Chatbooks app, linked up my Instagram and camera roll to it, and also manually added some photos from my phone’s Snapseed folder (a photo-editing app that I frequently use). In the end, I had enough photos to create 7 volumes of phone photos since Lachlan was born to present day. And I plan to maintain my subscription to receive more books as they fill up.

Some other things Chatbooks does that you may not know:

  • You can make a book based on certain hashtags you use. So if you have a hashtag for your kid on Instagram, every time you post another pic with that hashtag, it will automatically upload to their own Chatbook.
  • Chatbooks are available in hardcover too for $13 (ships for $2)
  • You can make ONE custom book with 30-366 pages starting at $12, great for those one-photo-a-day challenges or project 365’s (these ship for $3).
  • You can add a “contributor” to a series, which means if you and your family go on a vacation together, you can invite them to add the photos they took with their phones to the book and you can make a book together!
  • Something tells me these will be a big hit as gifts for Grandparents
  • You can order prints too

Get your first Chatbook free!

I’m still waiting for my books to arrive as they are being printed right now, but I had to share about Chatbooks because like I said, I wish I had known about them sooner. Plus, if you order your own Chatbook, your first one is free using my referral code, and I’ll get some credit too for more books! I will most certainly be writing up another post once they arrive so I can show you the quality and what I think so keep your eyes open for that one.

This post contains affiliate links. I was not compensated for any of my Chatbooks, I purchased them all myself.
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