My Life In Numbers

I found this cute post idea from A Pinch of Jasmine

0 bank robberies
1 person I’ve ever punched in the face
2 cars I’ve owned
3 social media accounts I keep up with
4 states I’ve lived in
5 shows I’m actively watching on Netflix
6 crochet pillows lying around
7 years married
9 rental properties I’ve lived in
14 eggs that were retrieved
18 years I’ve been in school
175 books I read
202 days till my birthday
257 blog posts here
1090 instagram pics
3718 pins I’ve pinned
5210 days in a relationship
11852 days alive
18.5K tweets

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A-Z of Me: eBooks

I will always be a fan of physical books in that you get to grow a collection and it looks cool for decorating (and smarty pants show-off purposes), but you can’t deny the convenience of having an ebook reader. I am in love with my Kindle touch. The best part about it is the anti-glare so you can read your book outside and the next best part is the ease at getting a new book instantly. I tend to stick to buying ebooks that are under $8. Any higher and I’d rather just own the physical copy of the book. It makes me angry that some ebooks cost more than a paperback but I suppose it’s all about the convenience factor.

I try to buy the actual books of authors I love so I can grow my collection, but I am open to buying ebooks by unknown authors or free/super cheap ebooks from Amazon to read on my Kindle. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by a few of these. Just keep in mind that you often get what you pay for with free ebooks. I’ve had my fair share riddled with horrendous typos and grammatical errors which frustrated me so much that I asked for a refund on a $6 book. But  don’t get me wrong, the majority are pretty good.

We’re here! Our first days in Colorado

We’re here!

Oh my gosh we are finally here. I never thought the day would come. Okay, I did, but it felt like it would be an eternity. This all began last November when we heard the news of Brian’s job being relocated, remember? And then we took a trip out here to house hunt in May. Then we listed the house a few days later and started panicking when we were getting house showings but weren’t getting any offers for 6 weeks. And then we finally sold our house in August and had to move out early which put us in the Marriott for almost 4 weeks till last week. So ughhhhhh I am so relieved to be in a house again with my things. I missed my bed so much. That is an understatement.

I cried when the movers brought in our couches and I sat on one. I was so embarrassed. Like, am I that materialistic? No, it was just a whirlwind of emotions finally coming to an end, and knowing I left my family back east again and am about to start a whole new life out here, and being in our new house and everything is new and unknown.

Anyway, our month long hotel stay ended on the 10th and we drove about 13 hours a day till we reached Colorado, which took us 2 days. We drove in 3-4 hour shifts and rotated so we wouldn’t burn out. We just wanted to get the ride over with, especially with the dogs crammed in the back, so that’s why we booked it. The pups were so smooshed in the back seat amongst our crap that we had brought to the hotel but they made it through. Mabel just sleeps and Monty had a 13 hour panic attack. Sorry little dude.

Anyhow, when we arrived in Colorado it was around 10 pm so it was too dark to see the outside of our house but I knew it pretty well from the hundreds of times I looked at the photos online. We walked through and it was my first time seeing it so Brian was excited/nervous that I’d like it and of course I did. I love it. But since our stuff wasn’t due to arrive for another 2 days, we went to ANOTHER hotel where I proceeded to loose my grip on any remaining self control I had left from the long 2 days of driving and I cried my face off in one of those over tired/overwhelmed/delirious moments. What the hell is wrong with me?

After that first night in the hotel, we were both like fuck this we are borrowing an air mattress from someone and sleeping on the floor of the house which we did. And it was the best sleep I had all month.

Finally Thursday came and the movers came on time which was shocking because nearly all of Brian’s work buddies who did this same move had problems with the movers loosing their stuff or pushing back the move in date. NOT COOL. So I was preparing for disappointment but was pleasantly surprised. I think it was because they had those 4 weeks of leeway while we were in the Marriott to get their shit together.

Moving our stuff in took about 5 hours, and the next 2 hours were of them helping us locate boxes that weren’t checked off on the list and helping to put our beds and tables together and disassemble our treadmill so it would fit through the door. I was the one checking off box numbers as they came in the house so of course I felt guilty like I messed up when boxes were missing but it was just because some boxes had 2 numbers for some reason, and the guys would only tell me one of them. I have no idea why 2 numbers on one box was a method to the guys packing. It seems like everything is accounted for except a floor fan, but we’re still unpacking so I’m not positive yet. A few things broke too which we will be writing up a claim for so we can get new ones. But it ain’t no big thang because the things that broke were old anyway and I’d love to get new ones.

So right now, the kitchen is totally unpacked because you know, eating is the only damn thing I ever care about. And the living room and master is unpacked but in organized piles. Our living room is a mess and the guest room and office are still totally untouched.

The day before the movers came we went to Home Depot for paint samples, which seems fun, but is actually annoying as hell because I can never seem to get the right color I have in my mind. So we kept going back for more. Then we went to Kohl’s and bought new kitchen pots and pans with my mother-in-laws anniversary gift card they gave us. It was much needed too because the last time we got new pans was for our wedding registry over 7 years ago and they were NASTAY. Brian was like, what the hell do we do? Scratch our pans with forks? Scratch the pan as fast as I can. I died laughing.

So lots of work ahead. But I’m happy to be here.

A-Z of Me: Dim Sum Sesame Balls

Ok, have you had these? I go nuts for these. They are my favorite food from a dim sum restaurant. First of all, I love sesame seeds even on my bagels for the slight crunch, so the outside being loaded with sesame seeds gives it a nice light crunch. Then inside is a chewy rice flour, and in the very center is a mix of black bean paste. It tastes much better than what it sounds like I swear. The paste is sweet, the middle is chewy, the outside is crunchy, and they are served warm. Oh god! Please get some next time you go out and then send me some.

Here’s a shot of what the inside looks like: