Our trip to Washington DC: The National Monuments

Last Friday, at the last minute, we booked the dogs a reservation at their doggie daycare. We were going to bring them with us but we figured it would be good for them to get out some energy and we’d be able to see more things without them. So we dropped them off and headed to DC around 9 in the morning. We got there around noon, found a parking garage and quickly began our tour of the national monuments (after eating and peeing and buying new sunscreen because I left the one I had in the car and they took our keys to park it so we couldn’t go back).

Our first stop was The White House. It wasn’t as crowded as I thought it would be. There were some protesters and some guy preaching loudly about something that no one was really listening to.

Continuing on, we walked to the Washington Monument which we couldn’t help but laugh at it’s resemblance to a phallus. Soooooorry!

Once we reached the monument and looked around a bit, we walked across the grass to the WW II memorial.

We grabbed a giant ice pop and went to see the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial. It’s shocking at just how many names are on it.

Next up was the Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool. I was pretty excited about this because of it being featured in Forest Gump. The movie quotes were flying at this point.

And finally, we headed to the Korean War Veteran’s Memorial. My legs were so sore at this point!

After we saw everything, we walked (or rather, Brian walked, I hobbled) back to the car and headed to our hotel to check in. Another hotel? Yes! As usual, we had to change rooms to a quieter room. And we hung out by the pool for a while. After we rested for a bit, we headed to Georgetown to get some dinner. We ate at Tackle Box, which had one of the tastiest clam chowders I’ve ever had in my life, no joke!

We walked around after dinner, went into shops, and attempted to go to Georgetown Cupcakes but the line went up the street so that wasn’t going to happen. Instead we went to Kafe Leopold and got the tastiest of desserts. I didn’t get a pic because it was too dark out at this point. But I got a square brownie with layers of chocolate creme covered in more chocolate and topped with a gold piece of chocolate. Whaat?! And Brian got a piece of 5 layer hazelnut cake with buttercream and topped with almonds. I can’t believe how good the food was in Georgetown. Maybe we were just lucky or maybe all the food there is amazing. Either way, it was a great night.

In my next DC post, I’ll share about the Smithsonian museums.

9 Things I Learned While Selling Our House

I made one of these lists for when we were the house hunters (13 Things I Learned while House Hunting)…but now the tables have turned and we are the sellers a year later. I personally didn’t have a good experience selling our house and that is reflected in the tone of my statements. So don’t take this completely seriously…I’m being bitter and sarcastic and hate the game of real estate.

9 things I learned while selling our house:

  • You have to hide all your clutter / live in a museum until you sell your house
    Our realtor said to limit items on tables to 1-3 things, get rid of bathroom rugs to show the tiles, hide the dogs toys and food bowls, no blankets on couches, etc. You want the buyers to imagine their own things in the house so if there’s too much stuff of yours lying around it will look cluttered and messy. Be prepared to never be able to find your stuff when you need it after you hide it though. We even hid our toothbrushes because, god forbid, a buyer sees it and thinks ew! I can’t believe they brush their teeth here!
  • Expect last minute showings / people who show up late to showings / people who show up too early to showings
    We had people who gave us literally a 12 minute warning before they wanted to come in (they hadn’t even listed their own house yet so why the rush!? They got the messy tour and I didn’t even give a crap because I was supposed to be on bed rest from my embryo transfer), we had people who showed up at the end of their appointment time when I had already came back in the house with the dogs from being away, and we had people who showed up 30 minutes before their appointment time. This really freaking sucks because you have a life to live and things to do like make dinner, shower and shit, but you just have to deal with it. I did however voice my irritation over these things to the realtor, but it didn’t make any difference.
  • Get a feedback app
    Our realtor gave us a link to download this real estate app, called ShowingTime, that you can check on scheduled showings of your house and to have the option to reschedule or cancel them (though the one time I tried to reschedule the 12-minute warning people they refused) and you can also read the buyers feedback on your house. Reading feedback can be a good thing so you can know if there’s things you need to change, but to me it just caused a tremendous amount of despair and stress. Most of the feedback was bad anyway (price too high, seller’s not at all interested, house too small, neighbors untidy), things we couldn’t change.
  • Expect people to see your house even if the price is totally out of their price range
    This was the most frustrating thing to us because if you can’t afford a $350,000 house, why are you even looking? It’s a waste of time for everyone and if you did get a buyer to bid, it will be way below what you’re hoping for anyway.
  • If you need to be at your house during a showing, expect a million questions from both the realtor and buyers
    I always took the dogs in the car with me and drove down the street to wait until they left, but one time a buyer came 30 minuets early (jerk) and his realtor wasn’t even there yet, and I was still in the house. So of course he asked me a bunch of questions about our house. This is not my responsibility and it made me nervous because I was afraid I’d answer incorrectly out of anxiety and scare him off. So I recommend getting lost during the times you have a showing. Plus, when we were buyers, having the owner in the house while we were taking a tour made me nervous to say what I really thought in case they heard me.
  • Expect people to complain about things they should already know about the house
    For instance, our listing clearly stated we only have 1.5 baths but when we read buyer feedback, people were saying there weren’t enough bathrooms. So why did they even come then if they knew they’d have a problem with the amount of bathrooms? Silly.
  • Expect people to complain about things you can’t control….like your neighbors
    This upset me deeply. We lived next to some Duck Dynasty type folks with junk cars in their back yard which can be seen from our upper deck, and we got more than one feedback saying something to the effect that “neighbors are untidy.” Yea, what the hell am I supposed to do about that? We bought a palm tree to put on the deck to sort of hide the view. But it just made me resent our neighbors and want to call the township to complain about the eye sore which I didn’t.
  • Prepare to feel judged and your privacy violated
    I know people have to go into your house to see if they’re interested, but I couldn’t help but get upset that my lifestyle and a house I loved was being judged by total strangers. I also got upset when they’d close the door to the bedroom the dogs were crated in because they were barking.  At least leave the house the way you found it so the seller won’t know what you did.
  • Keep hope alive by telling yourself that there IS someone who will eventually buy your house
    I nearly gave up hope that we’d ever sell our house in time and that no one would want to live next to Duck Dynasty or have 1.5 baths, but eventually someone came along that didn’t care about those things. It just takes time and an impossible amount of patience and hope.

A-Z of Me: Always in My Bag

Yay! This is the first post in my new 26 week feature A-Z of Me where each week I’ll be posting a fact about me to correspond with the letter. I’ve seen prompts like this before but they all had the same category for each letter (like A for age, B for bed size…) and that was boring to me so I decided to just blog about whatever I felt like, as long as it went along with the letter.

Today’s post is covering what’s always in my bag. First of all, the one thing that kind of drives me nuts is how many electronic devices I have. I have a smart phone but it’s a hunk of unreliable junk so it’s main purpose is to make phone calls. Then I have a tablet with a bigger screen to browse the internet and do all the things my phone can’t do, and finally I have an iPod for music and podcasts because my phone is an android and getting iTunes on there is a chore.

I also always like to have a book or an ebook with me, as well as Excedrin and sunglasses to prevent headaches. I have way too many lip glosses that I always seem to not be able to find any around the house because they miraculously end up in my purse. I am addicted to lip gloss and will panic if I realize I don’t have any on me. And my reading glasses are fairly new. I wore them every day to work while working on the computer. I have a hard time seeing things up close clearly but when I’m home I never wear them. I should probably start doing that though.

So there you have it!

Bookmark Dump: A yarn-lovers printable, Horror Maps, and dumb looking cats

Happy Friday! This has been one heck of a week. We moved out of our house, the sale was finalized and we moved into a hotel. I’m starting to feel like I’m on house arrest here as I just want to go outside but there’s no patio or balcony on our room and the only place to sit outside is by the pool which has been overrun by a bunch of teens this week who are staying here for gamers camp. I’d love to just sit out on the grass by the parking lot but I think that would look strange. Oh well. I’ll figure something out. We’re going to Washington DC this weekend to break up our stay here. But we’re just going into another hotel for 2 nights. It’s like Inception but with hotels.

Free printable: Home is where you’re yarn is.
So perfect!

I love this Star Wars poster from OutNerdMe.
It looks like it’s currently sold out, however.

I love this happy cheerful bookshelf.

How cute is this 60s Van Dishcloth on Ravelry?
Again, something I’d love to make but wouldn’t want to use!

This is pretty cool: Horror Map of the United States.

8 beers you should stop drinking immediately.
This is kinda scary.

Efficient cake cutting technique.
I think it’s a great idea, but I’m sure you’d get a few strange looks if you did this at a birthday party.

If I fits, I sits: 20 cats that prove there is no space too tight.
Cats think they’re so cool and unneedy, but they sure do look stupid sometimes!

7 Facts About Me

Amanda nominated me for a blog award and it made me soooo haaappy! (said like Maid Marian in Robin Hood Men In Tights). And the rules are to list 7 facts about myself. Here we go.

  • Thank and link to the person who nominated you. (Thanks Amanda!!)
  • List the rules and display the award.
  • Share seven facts about yourself. (See below)
  • Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated. (Also below.)

1. I can’t stand having things on my to-do list so I tend to do them right away
Which is weird because I’m usually pretty lazy but if I know that something needs to be done, I’m on it. I don’t like having it weigh on my mind.

2. I have a horrible memory (when it comes to recent memories)
One of the reasons I even have a blog is to document my life so I can go back and remember things. I seriously have the worst memory and it’s starting to scare me. But I have no problem remembering things from when I was a kid, or stupid pointless movie quotes.

3. I always seem to break electronics
It makes me think maybe I have some weird super power I don’t yet know how to harness, but a lot of the time, cell phones or computers (and when I was younger CD players) or wi-fi internet connections will just suddenly stop working for me and then people look at me like I’m a moron when I ask what happened.

4. I have resting bitch face
I wish I didn’t but it is what it is. And it makes me sad because I know it gets in the way of meeting new people, and I certainly won’t approach someone because I’m too shy to do that. If I try to make my face look more “friendly” in it’s resting position, it makes the bitch face look worse, like I’m sneering. I’m not about to walk around in a full blown smile all the time. Though I know if I did people would probably smile back at me which would be nice for once.

5. I have a sick sense of humor
Whether it’s a joke about farts, body parts, or has bad words, I’m all about it.

6. I get exhausted after social functions and I dread small talk
I’m blaming this on being an introvert, but I am really freakin uncomfortable at parties or get togethers where I don’t know many people already (plus, my resting bitch face, as mentioned earlier, doesn’t help things). What’s worse, is I’m afraid of saying something completely stupid or offensive in some pointless small talk conversation.

7. I’m still holding out hope that one day I will find a job in the career I studied for
Perhaps I’m just being naive, but discovering that I really loved working in the field of xray made me so happy to have finally found something that I was good at and made me feel smart. It was a ground breaking moment for me to find something I could commit to and not hate because I’ve hated every other job I’ve ever had. But I never hated xray (just the shitty hours they sometimes make you work sucks). And to have been rejected from literally hundreds of positions over the years for whatever reason has broken me a little. But I still have a little hope that it will one day work out for me.


I tag anyone who wants to play!
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