1 week till move in day!

June 20, 2013


It’s been over 12 weeks since we found our house and we are finally moving in next week! We weren’t too excited about having such a long waiting period between making an offer on the house and closing day; we didn’t really have much of a choice. But I have to say that having such a long time to wait until moving in has had its benefits.

We got to really think about the way we wanted to decorate and didn’t have to decide on a new couch right now because otherwise we wouldn’t have anything to sit on. We got to take our time deciding on colors, room layouts, and furniture. Our bathroom and living room are basically done except for painting the walls. And we came up with a general idea on how we are going to build our custom closet organization system (Home Depot has some pretty cool ideas).

And the other thing that is pretty cool from waiting so long is that we actually feel like we are moving into our home and not just a new house. We don’t really think we’ll have that weird acclimation period you get the first few days you are in a new place getting to know it…or at least it won’t last all that long. We’ve been thinking about it so much that we are having dreams about it!

So hopefully by this time next week we’ll be homeowners and we’ll be loading up the U-Haul! I say hopefully because something bad could still happen in this whole long process, though we highly doubt it.

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