1 Year Old!

November 17, 2016

This is our last monthly update post! It’s so hard to get a good picture anymore with how fast he moves, so as sad as I am that they are over, I’m relieved that I don’t have to make myself sweat with the effort to try and get one good shot! It’s not easy having a huge camera hang around your neck and while you’re bending down to get the baby on the blanket, not to knock them in the head with it. I have to take an obnoxious amount of pictures to get 10 good ones…And I’m specifically referring to the posed ones I’ve been trying to stick to with the sticker and the chair ones because god forbid I stray from consistency!

We’re having his birthday party on Saturday and I’m hoping we lined up the party time with his nap time accurately. That was probably the hardest thing to plan about the whole day. His naps are mostly predictable but of course he’s the boss of everything so I always go into events that are “planned” with a, “well let’s just hope we can get through at least X” and if more happens, then great!

This month, Lachlan:

  • Weighs 24
  • Gives kisses on demand
  • Likes to be chased (especially to the stairs)
  • Is starting to point at things
  • Had his second cold
  • Loved the Nose Frida on the first try, wanted to damn it straight to hell every try thereafter
  • Babbles a TON but no real words yet
  • Grandma and Grandpa came out to celebrate his first birthday
  • Is starting to be able to push and walk behind hisย wagon or elephant toy

Lessons learned this month:

  • Really stop and be in the moment and remember how small they really are
  • Make sure you keep some memories just for you, ones that youย don’t share on your social media accounts
  • Bring tissues everywhere
  • If you don’t have tissues to wipe an insane amount of boogers, a diaper will work in a pinch

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