10 months old: Won’t stop moving!

September 16, 2016

This month, Lachlan:

  • Weighs 23 lbs
  • Is crawling! No more moving backwards and sideways. He’s zooming all over the place!
  • Makes a funny squealing noise as he crawls
  • He can pull himself up to standing.
  • Is about ready to start climbing stairs
  • Claps
  • Does this funny thing where he flicks his lips with his fingers to make funny sounds
  • Talks to himself and makes up the cutest pretend words. He says “ish” alot.
  • Mimicked us for the first time by clapping when he saw us clapping, or doing the funny lip sounds when we did them.
  • Wants everything he can’t have like our phones, remotes, charger cables, Monty’s face
  • Crawls into the bathroom while I’m peeing. The first of millions of times I’m sure.
  • Went to his first baseball game.
  • Cries at loud crowd cheers and electric drill noises
  • Had his crib mattress lowered
  • Is in mostly size 12 month clothes
  • Had his first night with a babysitter so we could go out on a date finally
  • Went to his first birthday party
  • Is down to 2 naps
  • Visited more yarn shops in his 10 months than I ever did at that age
  • Eats puffs really well but doesn’t seem to like the lumpy baby foods yet. He gags on it.

Lessons learned this month:

  • If you think you babyproofed a room, you probably didn’t so go through it again
  • Then remove literally everything 2 feet and under
  • Then prepare to remove more things once they can stand
  • Your first official date night with a babysitter at home won’t be relaxing at all because you’ll be worried the entire time

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