My year in a mini infographic: 2016 in review (and goals for 2017)

December 29, 2016

Goals for 2017:

  1. Get serious about selling my crochet and knitting online
  2. Donate to pro-women, LGBTQ, and anti-bigotry organizations in Trump’s name
  3. Run on the treadmill, or on the trails. Just get back in shape
  4. Road trip to Arizona
  5. Visit family in NY, maybe another beach (or lake?) vacation
  6. Continue to FaceTime once a week with my parents
  7. Read more / attempt to read The Dark Tower series
  8. Fix up our backyard, maybe get a new patio laid down
  9. Stop biting my nails, again
  10. Yarn Along the Rockies
  11. More play dates, more MyGym for Lachlan
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