3 months old: Milestones and lessons

February 15, 2016

Somehow I got mixed up on the age of my son at one point this month. I thought he was a week younger than he really was. WOOPS! I blame this mostly on how my weekdays seem to meld together into one long day. I rarely know the date, let alone the day. But it’s all good! I got my head on straight….for now.

Lachlan is more aware of his surroundings now and I feel bad for him in that he can’t really “do” anything besides look at things. Obviously this is all normal baby behavior and boredom probably doesn’t bother him as much as it does me at this point in his development, so it’s my own issues being reflected back at me with wanting to make sure he’s entertained enough during the day.

This month:

  • Lachlan weighs 15 pounds.
  • His 3 month size clothes are getting tight.
  • He can hold his head up really well, but doesn’t like to do tummy time for more than a few minutes.
  • I found that if I crack myself up laughing, I can get him to almost laugh himself. He’ll do one, Haaahhhh.
  • Brian got him to actually giggle. I wish I could remember what he said to him.
  • I like to sit him up on a pillow on my lap so we can talk and smile at each other. This position makes him spit up sometimes though.
  • His first power puke was truly shocking. I screamed. He cried. The couch suffered.
  • He’s cooing and playing with his voice (sounds and volume) so much more now. Some of the sounds he makes crack us up.
  • Every time he gets his diaper changed he gives us the biggest smile. Like he’s saying, have at it boss!
  • A diaper change will also snap him out of a crying fit.
  • There are no tears during bath time anymore. Only sometimes, when he gets out because he’s cold.
  • I got most of his cradle cap to come off. I used baby oil and a baby comb once it softened. This was gag inducing!
  • He’s so stinkin happy in the mornings, I love it. He smiles and talks to himself while we wake up, get him dressed and fed.
  • At night he will sleep from 10-3:30ish, then eats, then sleeps again till 7:30-9ish.
  • He shows interest in toys and the dogs, but he won’t touch or grab them yet. Just stares at them. I think he gets bored sometimes.

Lessons learned this month:

  • Beware: holding a post-fed baby in a sitting position while facing you may result in spit up down your shirt, between the boobs.
  • Buy two types of baby monitors: One with video to mount in the nursery, and one with just audio where you can put it anywhere the baby actually falls asleep.
  • You will lose social media followers by the dozens and it sucks, but fuck them.
  • Postpartum hair loss is no joke.
  • It’s really hard to dry a wet baby by yourself without 4 arms. But if you place the bottom corner (opposite the hood) of a hooded towel on your shoulder with the hood side facing out, then place baby on that shoulder, you can flip the hooded corner up to cover his head that way, and he’ll be halfway wrapped up. Lach will scream his head off if I put him down on a padded table while wet so I try to avoid this at all costs! He hates being cold. Which is funny to me since he was frozen as an embryo 😉
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