5 months: Doing all the things

April 15, 2016

Oh my gosh, so much happened in Lachlan’s development this month! He had a bunch of firsts, hit a few milestones, and we really saw a change in his personality. When was the last time anyone did so many new things for the first time ever in such a short amount of time? Babies are crazy cool like that. I love seeing him do something new and then I’m like, how did you know to do that? Did I really just witness you doing that for the first time or did you do that before when I wasn’t looking?

Some of my favorite things he did this month were watching him use his hands to spin a toy on his activity center. His little hands open and close and open and close and as simple (and probably boring) as that sounds, it’s so insanely cute to me and I’m so proud of him. I also love that he can sit up (with assistance) without falling forward on his face, and he’ll lean forward and smack and scratch his hand on my jeans feeling the fabric. Oh, and I also love when I have him on my chest and he looks up at me and really looks at me, smiles and grabs my face.

This month Lachlan:

  • Weighs 17 lbs
  • Ate his first cereal
  • Met his Aunt Alanna
  • Smacks his hands on the table
  • Reaches out to touch our faces
  • Facetimed with Great Grandma
  • Throws toys but not on purpose
  • Smiles at the dogs and their antics
  • Had his first cold and ear infection
  • Can roll over from stomach to back
  • Gets scared at loud sounds more easily
  • Likes to see how loudly he can yell AHHHHHH
  • Likes when you sing Winnie the Pooh (he likes the word poop)
  • Threw up on Brian’s face during an over-head airplane maneuver
  • Likes to rub his hands on new textures like jeans, pillows, dog fur
  • Likes to sit in his Bumbo seat on the dinner table while watching us eat
  • Is increasingly frustrated with not being able to move around on his own
  • Appears and acts more like a tiny human and not a delicate newborn anymore
  • Fits his entire hand and multiple fingers in his mouth so much he gags himself
  • Is just starting to be able to sit up on his own without falling forward on his face, with assistance
  • We are trying to transition him to the crib and he HATES it because it doesn’t feel like his Rock N Play

Lessons learned this month:

  • My sanity is more important than breast milk. BYE BYE PUMP!
  • Having Lachlan watch us eat helps with him wanting to try food too
  • His yells of happiness sound a lot like his yells of unhappiness
  • Getting your butt wiped is cause for true giggles
  • Sick babies are the saddest and angriest little people (but he’s feeling better as I write this)
  • Putting him in the Bumbo on the table in front of us while we eat has been a game changer (for me and Brian). It allows us to eat somewhat more leisurely because he likes to watch us eat and doesn’t fuss lol

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