5 Things I Don’t Ever Want To Do

June 4, 2013

I saw this post on Yes and Yes and it looked like fun. 6 things I don’t ever want to do:

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  • Have to go back to school (yet again)
    Besides having to pay the cost of tuition, which isn’t even possible since we just bought a house, I would hate to have to go back to school for the third time for whatever reason that may be….grad school, specializing in a certain area, requirement for a job, etc. I’ve always hated school, studying, and homework and I know I’d be ridiculously stubborn this time around and not want to do it. I’d be miserable.
  • Eat bugs to survive
    I say this now becaues I’ve never been on the brink of dying of starvation, but I would rather die than eat bugs. I would probably puke them out anyway. I don’t even think I could force myself to swallow it because my gag reflex wouldn’t allow me to even touch the bug.
  • Throw up in front of someone
    Speaking of eating bugs….but honestly. I have this fear of puking in front of someone…specifically spontaneous puking…like without warning. This has never happened to me (yet) but I think about it a lot, like if I ate too much at a restaurant or if I’m nervous at a job interview or something. It’s like, “oh hi, I’m here for the interv…..BLECHHHHHH.” It’s one of the most vulnerable and uncontrollable things that can happen to your body and I hate the thought of losing control of myself. Plus, puking is the absolute worst.
  • Have to perform CPR on someone
    I have my CPR certificate but I’d be afraid of completely forgetting what I’m supposed to do under pressure, and then I’d never forgive myself if they died because I didn’t do CPR right. If you didn’t break their ribs off their sternum, you didn’t push hard enough.
  • Go to a popular destination during college spring break
    Large groups of people make me very uneasy, especially large groups of young, drunk people that don’t pay attention to where their bodies are in space, especially my space. Plus more people means more noise, long lines and other crap I have no patience for.
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