5 weird things about me

January 13, 2014

Everyone has quirks and I wanted to share mine. I’ve seen a few blogs doing this and it looked like fun. Instead of tagging specific people, if you want to play along just link up to your post in the comments and I’ll come check it out.

I have photic sneeze reflex
In other words, the sun makes me sneeze. My grandpa had this too so perhaps it’s genetic. But it was my mom’s way of knowing when I was awake as a kid. I’d open my eyes and sneeze at the sunlight. And anytime I come out of a dark building into the sun I’ll sneeze. I don’t mind it though, I think it’s funny.

I hate touching super dry things
Like flour or powdered sugar. It drives me nuts! I seriously get the chills at the thought. I can feel it sucking the moisture out of my hands. I won’t hold a powdered donut without a napkin or something.

I don’t brush my hair before leaving the house
Ok, I only brush my hair before and after a shower. The rest of the time I rock the bed head and just go with “the wave” which I have come to accept as my hair’s fate. After a shower I’ll either braid my hair or put it up in a loose bun so when I let it down later in the day I have somewhat contained beach waves that don’t look all that bad. Plus, I’m super lazy and just don’t give a shit how I look.

I smell everything
If I get a new book, I smell the pages. If I open something plastic like a pool tube, I’ll smell it. When I get new yarn from the craft store, I’ll smell it. If I’m unsure about a certain food, I’ll smell it. If the garbage reeks and makes me want to puke, I’ll still take a whiff just so I can be like, what the hell?? That flippin stinks!

I’m obsessed with my nails
Ever since I was a kid I was a major nail biter and had a huge preoccupation with them. When I was nervous I’d pick them. If I met someone new and was shy, I’d stare at my nails. Up until 2011 I bit my nails down to the quick until I had some acrylics put on for my sister’s wedding. Since then I’ve stopped biting them because I could see the results after getting the fake ones off. I am always making sure they are totally even and smooth or else I’ll lightly bite them to make them even and smooth which is almost like relapsing but it’s not. I don’t even need a nail file. Now I subscribe to Julep for new nail polishes every month because it’s been a lifetime habit I finally broke.

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