6 months – Happy half birthday!

May 16, 2016

Half a year in! I feel like it can’t possibly be that long since he arrived, but at the same time I feel like it could also have been a year ago. It makes no sense because the days literally fly by. By the time I look at the clock it’s 3pm and I’m like wtf did I do all day? And it’s crazy to think how fast baby humans develop since being born. Like, one minute he’s this totally helpless fragile creature that only needs to eat, sleep, and be warm. And the next minute he’s sitting up, touching everything, laughing at funny faces, eating food, trying to move from point A to point B. It’s just amazing how fast it all comes.

But I really love this age and I love when he reaches up to touch my face. Lachlan is so much fun and way more interactive than he’s ever been, but he isn’t able to move around on his own and run a muck yet so things are still pretty calm for the most part. Yea, my house looks like Babies R Us exploded, and throw in a few raggy-ass slimed up dog toys to trip on, but it’s really not that hard to straighten up for the most part. Annoying, yes….or maybe I’m just getting used to the rainbow colored plastic barf that is taking over my home.

Either way, like I said, I think this month has been my favorite month so far. I felt all choked up on Mother’s day when it hit me how lucky I am to have my two guys in my life. Brian is an amazing dad and really helps me out a ton, and Lachlan slays me with his cuteness. I can’t stop kissing his face and he seems to like it and will giggle so that reinforces me to continue to do so.

This month, Lachlan….

  • Weighs 18.5 pounds
  • Enjoys sitting in his high chair
  • Really likes carrots, squash, and pears
  • Is getting the hang of eating off a spoon
  • Likes playing peek-a-boo, though I think the sound of the word is what’s making him laugh
  • Moved up another diaper size (#3)
  • Is starting to outgrow 6-month size onesies and outfits, and starting to fit into 9 month stuff
  • BUT he can still fit into 3-month sized pants haha
  • His first tooth started to come in on 4/27. Ouchie, poor guy was not happy!
  • Second tooth appeared shortly behind, neither are fully out yet.
  • Met another aunt and uncle and was absolutely 110% terrified of his uncle ALL day
  • His hair is starting to fill in and get thicker even though it’s hard to see because it’s so blond
  • Found his toes and grabs on to them while sitting
  • He hasn’t rolled over once this month, but was doing it all the time in months before
  • Sits up with assistance much better, only needs balance support but no longer falls forward on his face
  • Wakes up anywhere from 0-2 times a night and demands a feeding during the first one
  • Though two nights this month he officially slept through the night, but I didn’t because my brain is dumb
  • Celebrated our first Mother’s Day together and he scribbled on a card for me with Brian’s help
  • He loves to put everything he can get his hands on in his mouth
  • He smiles big at his Laugh & Learn puppy

Lessons learned this month:

  • It’s hard to plan anything with anyone, kids or no kids. I find myself getting lonely and bored.
  • But the thought of meeting up with a mom group makes me wanna vomit from anxiety so idk.
  • No matter how perfectly you try to replicate what you did on the night he slept all the way through, you will never get the same result. It’s totally random, there’s no rhyme or reason no matter what we do. Just give in.
  • If his cry sounds like a hunger cry but you think he can’t possibly be hungry since he just ate 20 minutes ago, it’s probably because he’s hungry.
  • I didn’t used to want to put him in his Moby wrap to make shopping trips with a real shopping cart because it took so long to get the wrap tied on and him inside it, but it’s so worth it to take the extra time so the actual shopping trip doesn’t stress me out. Plus, I don’t sweat as profusely with him in the wrap versus pushing his huge stroller and carrying shit in a basket or worrying people will think I’m stealing when I put shit in the bottom basket of his stroller.
  • I am no longer scared of washing Lachlan’s lights and darks together. As long as the water is cold, it’s fine. Plus, I don’t have the time or brain capacity to do more than one load of his tiny clothes anyway. It’s easy to forget and then they end up sitting downstairs for 4 days.

This photoshoot is done!

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