8 months

July 29, 2016

14 days late but here we go!

This month Lachlan:

  • Weighs 20 lbs
  • His top two teeth cut through
  • Celebrated his first Independence Day
  • Went to his first parade
  • Wore his first pair of real shoes
  • Hates fireworks
  • Got his first tree swing
  • Took his first airplane ride and vacation to the beach
  • Met his other set of Grandparents
  • Met his Great Grandma
  • Met another Aunt and Uncle
  • Met all his cousins
  • Went on his first kiddie boardwalk ride (ferris wheel) with Daddy

Lessons learned this month:

  • My short term memory is still shit and will probably stay that way forever. Coming to terms with it.

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