8 products I really dig as a new mom

January 13, 2016

Two months into this new mom thing and I already have some favorite things….

For Me

Lucie’s List (A Survival Guide for New Moms)

Of all the pregnancy and baby e-newsletters out there, I found Lucie’s List to be THE most helpful and informative. Once Lachlan was born and I was in the throes of sleep deprivation, I received an email from them about newborn sleep that totally made me feel so much better. And it came at the most perfect time too. I find the info inside to be extremely accurate and I like knowing what to expect. It’s like having an actual newborn handbook which the A type in me totally appreciates. I probably read it 5 times just to know I wasn’t alone. And just this week, I received one about cradle cap which we just so happen to be battling. It’s like the writer is psychic or something 😉

Google Drive

If my Instagram feed didn’t give you a clue, I take tons of pictures of Lachlan so to keep my phone from running out of storage space, I upload them all to Google Drive so I can delete them off my phone.

Sleep Nursing Bras

For real yo, I wear these 24/7 now. They are so soft, keep my business in place, and holds my nursing pads in. My favorite is by Gilligan O’Malley at Target.

Shutterfly coupons

As a pregnant lady or new mom, there are tons of opportunities to earn a free Shutterfly photobook or coupon. And I need to have all the pictures of my baby. There are codes that come with some baby gear (it will be advertised on the front of the box that a code is inside), there are codes that come in the Babies R Us registry welcome package, there are Pampers rewards where you can enter a code from each box of diapers and after so many points you can redeem a photobook, and Shutterfly has sales all the time, so basically you will never have to pay full price for one of their books. Which by the way are really great quality. They also have Christmas ornaments that you can personalize and I already know I’ll be getting one each year. It’s all about the memories, man!

Soy Lecithin

As an exclusive pumper, this is probably the most important for me as I am very prone to plugged ducts. They can be so incredibly painful and they turn me into a raging bitch from the aching pain. Before I started taking lecithin, I’d get about 1 or 2 plugs a week and now a week into taking this, I haven’t had one.

For baby


I read somewhere that it’s good to have a place to put the baby besides a crib. I was like, oh yea duh. And with having 3 floors in our house, it became apparent that we needed 3 places to put Lachlan. In our room and the family room we have a rock-n-play for sleeping, and in the living room we have a musical bouncer for keeping him entertained. Having these things keeps him up and away from the dogs and cold drafts, and I get to make breakfast knowing he’s safe.


These things make swaddling so easy and they help keep Lachlan asleep at night.

A small diaper bag

I find the pretty diaper bag I got at my baby shower to be a huge stupid extra thing to lug around in addition to a car seat, stroller, and baby. Obviously it’s good for long trips, but when we just wanna go out to grab some food quick it’s a pain. So I recommend getting a small insulated lunch box to put just the basics in for a quick trip.

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