8 Reasons Why Shutterfly Photo Books are the Best

November 3, 2016

If you know anything about me, you might know that I cherish photo opportunities and ways to save memories. Those traits have amplified (annoyingly so!) since having a child so I am especially particular how I choose to save and display my memories.

So I came up with a list of 8 things that are my main reasons for choosing Shutterfly over and over again when it comes to photo books (and for other photo gifts too, but mostly photo books).

  1. The quality is superior and consistent
    I’m always very pleased with the quality of the covers and the pages inside. There are many options, but I tend to stick with the hard matte photo cover and regular pages. You can upgrade to glossy pages and lay-flat pages too. The pages themselves are nice and thick.
  2. It’s super easy to make your own photo book
    After you upload all your images, you can put them in the album yourself, or let Shutterfly choose where to put them.
  3. Each photo book is extremely customizable
    You can keep it simple with photos only, or you can add scrapbooking elements, different backgrounds, and graphics. Finding the perfect layout is easy because you can search layouts by the number of photos you want on each page.
  4. They make great Project Life albums
    If you are into making digital Project Life albums, it’s easy to make your own page layouts in Photoshop, save them to the size required, and upload to Shutterfly. Then add them to your album, one per page.
  5. There are 6 size options to choose from
    7×9, 8×8, 8×11, 10×10, 12×12, 11×14
  6. Your photos are saved on Shutterfly forever
    To make more personalized gifts, or in case you ever lose your files.
  7. The customer service is top notch
    I once had a set of address labels get stuck at the post office, and after a quick live chat with a Shutterfly agent, they sent me another set for free.
  8. There are many ways to get free albums
    There are lots of coupon codes available online or that come with the purchase of certain items (ie Pampers and Similar rewards for instance), they have a referral program where you get one when you give one. And Shutterfly is almost always running some sort of sale so you never have to pay full price for an album.

By the way, these are the pics from our fall photo shoot near the barn in Columbine Open Space, Colorado.

To get your own free 8×8 photo book, click this link. It’s valid on your first purchase from Shutterfly, so new users only! If it doesn’t work, leave me your email address in the comments and I’ll privately send you an invite that has a code.

This post contains affiliate links. I was not compensated for this review. I paid for my own Shutterfly album.

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