A change in plans

February 8, 2016

Oh muh gah what a royal pain the ass!

These last few weeks have been filled with indecision, confusion and a huge knot in my stomach about what to do with this blog.

I find Bluehost so hard to navigate around that I had no idea I was paying for a “plus” plan which would explain why I was paying a super high price for blog hosting. Um, no I do not need 25 subdomains (I do not even know how to utilize that) and 50 email accounts! And that was what I was paying for this last year. And no, I never chose this upgrade on my own. I have no idea how that happened when I renewed in 2015 but it was sneaky and I nearly dumped this entire blog to move to Blogger because the price was not right.

And I couldn’t find a way to downgrade to a cheaper plan from my own account. I couldn’t even find the pricing plans to see what my options were. Apparently you have to speak with an agent to do that. Which would’ve been good to know before I fucking uploaded my entire blog (439 posts) with 1500 pictures to a Blogger account for NOTHING.

Add to that, the fact that Blogger DELETED my blog when I was about 400 posts in with manually uploading images, stating I was violating their terms of service and my blog was marked as spam. I cried that day. I hadn’t backed it up because it was marked as private anyway. I was kicking myself and was in a funk all day. Every time Lachlan took a nap, I’d hop on to Blogger to update those image links. All that free time during naps, wasted. But after clicking on “appeal” they reinstated my blog a day later so I did end up gaining access back, but man, what if that happened again? Which reminded me of one of the reasons why I moved to WordPress in the first place.

I was one day away from redirecting my domain name too, which would’ve cost me tons of traffic because of broken links to popular posts. But now with a “basic” plan, I can actually afford to stay here at WordPress.

So, basically what I’m trying to say is that no, I will not be moving blog hosts. I’m staying right here. But Geesus H Christmas!

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