A granny square a day in 2014

January 3, 2014

I’ve attempted something like this before (my project 52 photo challenge back in 2011)ย and actually succeeded so it gives me hope that I can actually accomplish this too. Mummy_stacey on instagram put out a challenge to make a granny a day (or a week) in 2014 in colors based on your mood. So at the end of the year, you’ll have a nice big blanket! Click on her instagram name for more info and rules.

I’m going to do a patchwork color scheme with a few multi colored squares mixed in.
Here’s my color scheme:ย (Yarn is Deborah Norville Everyday Solids from Joann’s)

And here’s my mood chart from left to right:
Glass blue: Calm/chill
Mustard: Happy/lovey
White: will just be the border color
Kiwi: Silly/dorky
Cherry: Crazed/angry
Navy: Anxious/grumpy
Peacock: Lazy/bored
Camel: Indifferent
Mixed color: Creative

So who’s in? Are you going to do one a day for 365 squares or 1 a week for 52? If I don’t end up doing one a day, I’ll probably just end up making big ones once a week. I don’t want to fail!

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