A peek at our new house

July 16, 2014

Brian was in Colorado a few weeks ago sealing the deal on our new house. I didn’t go because I couldn’t take any time off during my two weeks notice (I know I coulda been a dick and said I QUIT but that’s not how I like to do things), and I wasn’t feeling all that good that week with the failed IVF anyway so I felt safer staying here and my mom came to stay with me so I wasn’t alone. Anyway…

What surprised me the most is just how quick and smooth buying a house this time around has gone. We saw 2 houses we were interested in online (we had already seen about 25 houses the last time we both went out for a house hunting trip so we already knew which neighborhoods we preferred). Brian flew out the next day. Saw both houses. Loved one, sent me pics. Put in a bid a bit below what they were asking for at the recommendation of our awesome realtor, and it was accepted. BOOM. House ours.

No competition, no counter offers. Just straight forward business. And the inspection passed too so now all we have to do is sign the contract and fax it over. We move in on August 15th.

In the meantime, we’re staying in a hotel starting (because the buyer of our house now needed to move in sooner or she’d be homeless) while we wait for our new house to be ready. We’re planning on taking a few day trips to break up our hotel-arrest.

What we’re most excited about, besides the fact that the house actually has everything we want and is in a neighborhood that we like, is that it is right by these awesome miles of trails for residents only that we can bike on and take the dogs for walks on. This also means no houses are directly behind us which gives the illusion of having more privacy and space. We’re hoping to install a gate in our fence so we can walk right on out…given we get the permission to do so, which we hopefully will because there’s other houses that have gates too..

I’m really looking forward to this move. I can only hope this is the house we stay in for the next 20 years because I’m sick to death of uprooting and moving every 1-2 years it seems since 2004. It’s old.

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