A review on my first Mantry crate: PLUS $30 off your first crate!

April 28, 2015

I’ve had my eye on Mantry crates for a while now. I mean, look at that awesome crate! Talk about supreme packaging. That alone is one of the reasons I was drawn to Mantry in the first place. So when I was contacted by Mantry to do a review on their April crate I was beyond excited!

Mantry is an artisan food subscription service geared towards modern men, but I, being a super WOman, was just as excited to try these foods too.

First of all, the foods come in this super awesome rugged crate. The crafter in me is so excited to see what I can repurpose this crate for. But Brian thinks he’s gonna get it.

Each month’s crate comes with 6 full sized curated items, and April’s theme was Tennessee roadtrip. Each item came from a place in or near Tennessee. I love that! It gives you a chance to try “local” foods even when you live far away. The price tag for one box is $75. Hang on, let me break it down for you…

First up is a smoked onion jam made with sweet vidalia onions and sesame-like benne seeds (value: $13). And a hot chicken rub ($8.99).

For the sweet tooth lovers, there was a box of old fashioned cocktail caramels (value: $9.75) and Tennessee moonshine cake (value $8).

Next up is a soberdough brew bread. You mix the dough with a bottle of beer for a hot and cheesy buffalo wing inspired loaf (value $8.95).

And father’s country ham, perfect for a southern inspired breakfast (value: $5.75). They recommend putting the smoked onion jam on the ham. Sounds delicious!

So in conclusion, the total value of the foods inside this box were worth around $55 which is way lower than the $75 price tag (plus $10 shipping). And in my research on Mantry, this seems to be very common for each crate, not just the one I received. This is very disappointing to me as most subscription services I review here, make it so you are getting more bang for your buck. However, I will say I think the extra price tag comes from the convenience, collaboration, quality, and fun packaging that you receive.

I will also say, in Mantry’s defense, if you were to buy all these items individually from their online stores, you’d be paying around $102 when you add in all the costs of shipping. THEN it’s worth it, but who’s gonna do that? I feel bad, I really wanted to love Mantry, but regardless of how good the foods are, the price doesn’t make me feel the love.

And if I’m being totally honest, I KNOW if the price of these crates were $50, I would seriously consider signing up for a subscription, but yikes, $75 for a box worth of $55 of food doesn’t sound like a deal to me.

You can sign up with this link, and receive $30 off your first crate, making it much more affordable at $45!

Thank you to Mantry for providing me with this delicious crate to review.
All opinions are honest and my own. Affiliate links are incorporated in this post.

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