A Super Easy Father’s Day Gift Idea

June 6, 2017

I am friends with Tiffzippy on Instagram and Twitter and I knew she has aย laser cutting business, so I asked her if doing a profile silhouette was something she could make for me. She said yes, and I am so happy with the way it came out! I highly recommend contacting Tiffany if this project is something you’d like to do! Read more for steps on how to make your own framed silhouette.


  • Birch wood laser cutout of child’s profile from Tiffany (which is 8 inches tall and .25 inches thick)
    • I took about 100 photos of my kid in order to get one where I captured his face in a true profile and emailed it to Tiffany. She did the rest and shipped it to me.
  • Back acrylic paint (or any color you like)
  • Paint brush
  • 12×12 white card stock (or any color you like)
  • 12×12 picture frame or shadow box (if you get a frame, make sure there is a little space allowance between the glass front and the back closure since the silhouette cutout is thicker than a photo. My frame had a matboard inside so I knew it would fit). This frame is from Target.
  • Double sided craftย adhesive


  • Once I had all my materials, I painted my silhouette cutout with the black acrylic paint and let dry (though it would look pretty cool in other colors too!). I ended up applying two coats.

    • The cutout was burnt black by the laser as it was being cut all along the outside, so I didn’t have to paint along the perimeter. But if you do have to paint yours, I recommend using a tiny paint brush to get inside all the little spaces and angles. Try not to let it get too goopy or the sharp details might get lost.
  • Remove the matboard from the frame (unless your silhouette is small enough to fit inside)
  • Make sure the card stock is trimmed so it will fit nicely inside the frame
  • Apply the adhesive to the back of your silhouette cutout and place it centered on the white card stock.
  • Place this inside the frame, and voila!

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