A three hour tour

August 6, 2013

Ok, it was more like 1 hour but only because the battery that was powering the propeller felt like it was going to die after 30 minutes and I was getting paranoid about being left abandoned in the lake.

We rented a boat at Lake Nockamixon in a state park and brought lunch to eat on the water. After the ranger guy literally sniffed our water bottles to be sure it wasn’t a gallon of vodka (because come on – look at us, we are kickass), he gave us a quick run down on how our rental boat worked. He said to only go up to speed number 4 and to avoid going to the highest speed of number 5 because it would lose power quicker.

But we were cracking up because 4 felt like we could have been passed by kayakers using their arms. We literally felt like we dropped anchor on 4. It needed to go to 11. There were sail boats passing us with wind power that probably were laughing at us but it was still a good time. But we now know that next time we’ll rent a pontoon boat instead.

It was so beautiful out so we decided to go on a hike after returning the boat. And of course the conversation turned to random perverted thoughts. We usually like to ask each other silly what-if questions and on the hike they turned perverted. So the question was, what if we stumbled upon an outdoor porn shoot … would we stop to watch or keep going? I said I’d probably stop to see what everyone’s working with then keep going.

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