A-Z of Me: Always in My Bag

July 21, 2014

Yay! This is the first post in my new 26 week feature A-Z of Me where each week I’ll be posting a fact about me to correspond with the letter. I’ve seen prompts like this before but they all had the same category for each letter (like A for age, B for bed size…) and that was boring to me so I decided to just blog about whatever I felt like, as long as it went along with the letter.

Today’s post is covering what’s always in my bag. First of all, the one thing that kind of drives me nuts is how many electronic devices I have. I have a smart phone but it’s a hunk of unreliable junk so it’s main purpose is to make phone calls. Then I have a tablet with a bigger screen to browse the internet and do all the things my phone can’t do, and finally I have an iPod for music and podcasts because my phone is an android and getting iTunes on there is a chore.

I also always like to have a book or an ebook with me, as well as Excedrin and sunglasses to prevent headaches. I have way too many lip glosses that I always seem to not be able to find any around the house because they miraculously end up in my purse. I am addicted to lip gloss and will panic if I realize I don’t have any on me. And my reading glasses are fairly new. I wore them every day to work while working on the computer. I have a hard time seeing things up close clearly but when I’m home I never wear them. I should probably start doing that though.

So there you have it!

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