A-Z of Me: Marathons on Netflix with Roku

October 13, 2014

I wish the Netflix logo would go back to the red background instead of white like they changed it to.

One of my favorite things to do is settle in for a Netflix marathon. I love knowing that I have no where to go and can just crash on the couch with a crochet project and binge watch the heck out of something. With our Roku, binge watching is a frequent occurrence in our house, especially on weekends as we don’t have cable TV.

Some shows on our recently watched list:
-Re-watched Breaking Bad (Netflix)
-Re-watched Freaks and Geeks (Netflix)
-Re-watched True Blood (HBO Go)
-The Walking Dead Season 4 (Netflix)
-The Killing (Netflix)
-America’s Next Top Model Season 21 (Hulu Plus)
-Australia’s Next Top Model Season 1, 2 and currently on 3 (Hulu Plus)
-So You Think You Can Dance (Hulu Plus)
-Dancing with the Stars (Hulu Plus)
-Misfits (Hulu Plus)
-Cosmos (Hulu Plus)
-Masters of Sex (Showtime)

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