A-Z of Me: Reading Blogs

November 17, 2014

I love reading blogs! But over the last year, I’ve found myself becoming much more picky with the blogs I choose to subscribe to. I used to also be all about beautiful and impressive blog layouts, how-tos, and Pinterest worthy content, but those things don’t matter so much to me anymore. I just don’t have the time (or patience) to visit actual blogs anymore, so I read all posts through Feedly, which removes the need for a pretty layout. All that shines through at that point is good content.

But it’s also important that the entire blog post shows up in my feed. I will just plain skip over posts or unsubscribe from a blog that only allows a 3 sentence snippet to show up in my feed in order to entice you to click over to their blog. And I totally understand why they do that (for the traffic and potential ad clicks) but it drives me crazy and it’s the number 2 reason why I’ll unsubscribe (boring content being number 1). The whole point of having a reader is to have all content in one place. I don’t want to have to click out of my reader and have a new window open in order to read a post! I’m lazy that way!

And finally, quite simply my tastes have changed. These days, I enjoy more of a DIY/crafty type of blog where I can be inspired to make my own projects or decorate my house.ย And of course, there’s the blogs of friend’s I’ve made over the yearsย that I read all the time. And I’ll admit, that I’ve been a crappy commenter lately, but I am reading!

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