Amazing organization hacks, Star Wars in your drink, and cute profane mugs

July 11, 2014

Our house is starting to go into disarray with the beginnings of packing. I’m mainly consolidating things, starting a pile of things to bring with us to the hotel (yarn included!), emptying drawers and purging old junk so the movers can more easily pack our stuff. I’m also hiding vagina things like tampons and ovulation tests and progesterone inserts because who the hell wants that shit being handled by strange men!

I’m in a weird mix of excitement and sadness right now. I’m excited because we are about to start a whole new life with a beautiful house in the gorgeous state of Colorado with the future looking bright, but sad for what never was. We tried to make it work here and be near our families but life wasn’t having it. Then I get frustrated that we can’t live the life we chose for ourselves but then I feel incredibly lucky for the opportunities and options that we were given during this transition. Life keeps throwing obstacles at us and we just have to keep catching them with our giant fucking baseball mit. Frankly, I’m quite sick of it and want to throw my own obstacle right back into life’s balls and see how she likes it.

I’m also super sad that I won’t get to sleep in my heaven of a bed for a month while in our hotel. I’m going to miss her! My back will not be happy. Ouchie.

52 meticulous organizing tips.
There’s some really good ones in here!

A completely frivolous purchase, but awesome none the less:
Star Wars Death Star Ice Mold.

I love these 3D crocheted letters!

Cheesecake Nutella Twists Recipe – *Drools all over keyboard.

I highly desire this mug.

I can’t find the source for this, but it’s really freaking cute.

And my friend Caitlin is starting to go into labor and I’m so excited for her! I keep stalking her facebook and instagram for updates 🙂 Go wish her luck!

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