Anniversary and Father’s Day Weekend

June 21, 2016

This weekend, Brian and I had our 9th wedding anniversary. We were about to get a babysitter, but then I chickened out and came up with excuses as to why not. We went to one of our favorite frequently visited restaurants and brought Lachlan with us. And as usual, when we go out to dinner with him, he was a good boy and wanted to drink a bottle. Of course, it woulda been nice to have adult time away, but I’m glad we didn’t get a sitter because now I have this memory:

Then Sunday was Brian’s first Father’s Day. I got him a tub full of treats and made him a picture frame with scrabble tiles saying “I love daddy” on it. I think Father’s Day is quickly going to become one of my favorite holidays, mainly for selfish reasons because of all the freakin cute crafts I can make for him with Lachlan. God I love it haha
Later that night we went over to our friend’s house for a BBQ. They are expecting their third baby, a girl, and I asked to touch her bump and I really shouldn’t have done that because it triggered this crazy reaction in my brain to actually want another baby when I swore I would never feel that way because of all we had to do to make Lachlan. Well, CRAP!!! Seriously, crap, because I can’t torture myself like that again.

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