Another quick furniture paint job

August 12, 2013

cabinet paint job, diy

My mom gave us this adorable unfinished cabinet and shelf which needed some color. I know, the color looks very similar to our dresser, but what can I say? Blues and greens are my thing. It is a a bit darker though to match the blues in our living room.

owl planter

I was being lazy on Sunday when I started painted and Instagrammed a pic of the cabinet with the unfinished insides asking if it was ok to do that since those side doors would hide the inside. But I’m glad I didn’t keep it that way. Sometimes I need a kick in the pants to get rid of my laziness.

vintage planters

And I’m going to put succulents in all those little planters on the shelf and the owls on the bottom. I stalked Ebay and Etsy for them and I have a feeling these won’t be the only ones. The poor little succulents that are already there aren’t doing so well. They had a hard time surviving through the winter. They are used to the California sun.

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