April’s Crochet Along Project: Tiny Cacti!

April 1, 2013

Hey guys! Don’t worry, you didn’t miss the voting post. I hope you don’t mind but it’s hard to find 2 potential projects to vote on so I decided to do away with the vote and just post the project. I hope that doesn’t make me seem bossy like, “THIS IS THE THING WE ARE MAKING! GRRRAAAAAHHH!” but it will make my life a little easier. I want to add that every single one of our projects that have won the vote and we made, were the projects I wanted to win anyway. So I hope you will trust my judgement and continue to participate!

OK, so here are the details for April’s crochet along project:

Free cactus pattern from Gleeful Things

Worsted weight yarn
E Hook
Darning needle
Stitch marker
Safety eyes (optional)
Black embroidery floss
Mini terracotta pot (optional, or you can crochet one)
I’m pretty sure you can get these at Michael’s or even Lowe’s or something like that.
Hot glue gun (optional, if you use the terracotta pot)
Plastic pellets (optional, for filling the pot)

Time frame:
We will be linking up on or around April 29th

This is our first amigurumi project (unless you made the cupcake for February). It’s not hard, all you’re doing is working in the round in a spiral. So when you get to the end of your row, instead of slip stitching to join and chaining up, you just keep going in a spiral and use your stitch marker to keep track of the beginning of the row.

Video tutorials:
How to make a magic ring
How to do the single crochet stitch
How to use a stitch marker
How to increase
How to decrease

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