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April 2, 2015

He likes to jump for leaves or sticks

I’m stuck in the 2nd Outlander book. It just hasn’t picked up and I’m afraid I might abandon ship. I hate when I do that but life is too short for boring books! I picked up Stephen King’s Revival from the library yesterday.

Too many things, we are spreading ourselves too thin:

  • The Jinx
  • Hannibal
  • Last Man on Earth
  • The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  • Under the Dome (chore-watching at this point)
  • Rewatching The Wonder Years (this is strictly a weekend morning show)
  • Downton Abbey
  • American Idol

I haven’t been feeling inspired to crochet for the last few weeks, so I currently have a few unfinished WIPs lying around staring me in the face.

Excited for
My parents are finally coming to Colorado for their first visit in May. I’m so excited!

I received my 2nd YarnBox and the yarn is so gorgeous! I’m just unhappy with the crochet pattern this month and now I’m stuck trying to find a pattern I do like. What a chore. But it’s so fun getting a box of fancy yarn in the mail.

House stuff

  • We got our carpets cleaned which removed the stinky dog smell downstairs that was left behind from the previous owners.
  • While airing out the living room for carpet cleaning, Brian accidentally broke a window so we need to get it replaced.
  • We unexpectedly found the most perfect rug for the living room that matches everything! I love when that happens.
  • We’d like to get a retractable awning for our deck in the next few weeks. It gets hot out there!

Dreaming of
I had the most fucked up dream this week. It was so horrifying it could be a horror movie.

A group of us stumbled upon an underground “facility” of sorts and we were allowed to come in for a tour, but if we were caught near the facility again, we would be forced to stay and partake in the horrors that occurred inside. So this was like a “free pass.”

We had to think up and draw a monster with acid, and if the drawing was good/creepy/horrifying enough, it would be turned into a real life human disfigured monster. Then we were shown the “labor and delivery” room where kidnapped women were forced to give birth to these man-made monsters all day every day until forever. And as we were nearing the end of our tour, one of the nurses proudly presented a two headed baby to the girl in front of me in line. It was the human disfigured monster the girl designed earlier in her acid drawing. The 2nd head on the baby was turning blue because the circulation wasn’t good as it was just sewn onto a whole baby.

As we were leaving, we were asked to fill out an information card with our personal information on it. I was like yea right!! So I just lied and made stuff up.

Yea. WTF.

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