Around Here: A laid back week topped off with vanilla flavored beer

May 12, 2013

This week was pretty laid back. The weather was perfect aside from some rain, but at least it was warm rain. We got to enjoy our deck  and the pretty trees and flowers that have been growing like wildfire.

Yesterday we went to a beer fest where all sorts of brewers came to give sample tastings. My favorite was a vanilla creme ale made by Thomas Creek Brewery. The aftertaste was amazing! I’m going to have to find a place that carries it and get some. The Pennsylvania liquor laws are whack though. They certainly make you go out of your way just to buy alcohol around here. And did you know that you can buy beer to go from some bars?

Yea, so imagine you are at a bar and you are having a good time and really enjoying your beer(s). Well, it’s time to go so what is one to do? You buy a 6 pack and take it to go! Real safe, but it’s a loophole that makes buying beer a little easier. Hopefully, you aren’t a raging alcoholic who will crack open a brew on the ride home.

I realize that the pic of the dogs doesn’t really fit in with this post so sorry for the confusion. I just like the depth of field in the shot. Plus, they look like a little gang that’s planning their next coordinated attack.

And finally, I was searching for a real quick and easy pattern of something to crochet and came across some easy to make coasters. They were so fun and quick to whip up that I couldn’t stop making them. I think I’m going to buy some fabric stiffener and maybe hang them on a wall in our office/craft room. Is that too much? I just love looking at them. Here’s a shot before I decided to make a bunch more. I’ll post more about the pattern and stuff on Tuesday.

Oh and if you are a baby mama, Happy Mother’s Day!

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