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February 7, 2017

Around Here, Life Lately, I hate the inconsistency but some posts really are Around Here worthy and some are Life Lately worthy.

After, oh, I don’t know, maybe 5 weeks of getting zero comments and feeling bad for myself, I realized that a plugin I installed to display my social media icons on the left side of my blog, was preventing the Disqus plugin from loading the comment form, therefore preventing people from leaving comments. Well, at least that’s what I’m telling myself. But I’ve deactivated that plugin since I made the discovery so hopefully if anyone had problems leaving a comment, you can now. Maybe tell me on Instagram if it’s still broken or I’m going to start thinking maybe people really do hate me.

Let’s see, Superbowl Sunday? Yea, not a fan of football, but what I am a fan of is food and new funny commercials so I had fun at our friend’s Superbowl party. I made sure to eat and chug my alcohol soon after arriving because I knew time was limited with Lachlan. Poor Lachlan’s tender precious bum has been on fire the last 5 days so I left early with him and put him to bed so the rest of the party people could watch the Superbowl in peace.

I took him in to his pediatrician yesterday because he has been miserable because of this monster diaper rash. Turns out he is also getting two new teeth, which could be molars, and the doc said the two things coincide. The more teething, the more drooling, so the more swallowing of spit, the more it upsets his gut bacteria, the more poop he makes, the more the diaper rash happens. Only this rash was a straight up yeast infection which left behind a painful blister that not even lotramin and desitin could help. Poor guy wouldn’t even want to sit. Things always domino with him. Anyway, we got a prescription for a stronger rash cream and I don’t know if it’s just wishful thinking, but the blister already looks a teeeeeny bit less alarmingly red than this morning so I’m hoping it’s working.

Another thing. I somehow fell DEEP into the extremely colorful and dazzling world of Lularoe. Dude, just the hunt of finding the perfect pattern on a pair of OS leggings has me following close to 10 Lularoe rep groups and multi consignors on Facebook. I can’t even keep track of where they are located anymore because at first I was trying to keep it local so I could maybe go to a few pop-up shops to try things on in person, but then it just spiraled out of control but in a fun way. I finally settled on a pair of leggings with a black and white aztec-y pattern for my first pair. I figure black and white can go with anything, well maybe except all my plaid shirts.

I also had my first official sale on Etsy! Before that, I had been doing custom orders through Instagram, but getting that first Etsy sale is so exciting. It was for the coral mermaid tail set. So freakin awesome! I hope they love it.

One more thing before I go. I’ve been reading The Fireman by Joe Hill and I’m halfway through it but I can’t bring myself to read anymore! I’m so bummed. Reading to the halfway point is still like 400 some pages so yea, it’s kind of upsetting to want to ditch it now. But I just can’t get into it. I find that it stresses me out and I do all my book reading before bed so that’s no bueno. And I feel like nothing is really happening. Like they are all just waiting around the camp for something to happen. I know I sure am waiting for something to happen. And life is too short for uninteresting books so I think I’m gonna return it to the library and swap it out for another one. Gahhh that makes me want to cry because it’s such an investment of time and emotions when reading huge books like that. Does it get any better? And soon?

Other than that, it’s just been super warm these last few days, like 60s. So I’ve been going on walks with Lachlan and opening up the entire house for fresh air, crocheting, and basically trying not to make him cry.

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