Around Here: How we spent our 5 day weekend

September 5, 2013

I was so excited for this vacation. It’s the first time since February that I took off more than one day and was dying to get out of work. Our families came down for our BBQ which was a success. Despite a mini fire in the grill, the beer can chickens were delicious as well as the short ribs. Even the neighbors on both sides of us came over for some fun.

Since I dislike/suck at cooking, I made some rainbow fruit skewers thanks to some Pinterest inspiration.

And I made this paint chip bunting, which totally made the party that much better. For reals, yo.

The bar was also fully stocked and ready to go.

Mabel was in heaven with how everyone wanted to throw her the frisbee. She eventually got hot and decided to take a swim in my niece’s water tub play thing. Nice, real nice Mabel!

By the end of the day we were exhausted to say the least but it was totally worth it. The next day we literally laid around all day. Brian felt sick and the dogs were still pooped out. So there was lots of snuggling, crocheting, and movie watching.

By now it’s Tuesday and we decided to leave the house and purchase a treadmill. I’m so sick of feeling like a sausage packed in my jeans. So we got a Nordic Track from Sears. We ended up squeezing it into my station wagon which left me with no seat. But I squeezed my sausage ass into the little space left in the back without a seat and hoped we wouldn’t get pulled over. We spent the rest of the day putting the damn treadmill together. What a job that was. After projects like that, our bond grows substantially lol.

Then on Wednesday we went down to Point Pleasant to spend the day at the beach. The weather was absolutely perfect.

After 4 hours of laying on the beach we went to the boardwalk to walk around and saw the Jersey Shore house and The Shore Store. There was actually someone outside the house selling tours but we declined.

Going down to the beach after Labor Day is the way to go if you hate crowds. There was hardly anyone there so I was in heaven. But it also means that most of the little boardwalk shops are closed so there’s not that much to do there. But I still enjoyed it. More than if everything was actually open. The day was great without doing that which-way-are-you-gonna-go dance with people walking towards you.

We saw lots of construction crews fixing up houses ruined by Sandy. And even some rides were still left abandoned. It was eerie and sad.

Which brings us up to today, Thursday, the first day back to work after having a glorious 5 days off. And I am being a giant turd and sulking and hating my job and questioning my purpose in life. Why do vacations have to go by so damn fast? I was having such a good time.

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