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March 24, 2013

It’s been a while since I sat and wrote so that’s what I’m going to do! Aren’t you excited? Eh, even if you’re not, I hope  you’ll find this post entertaining at least. There’s a few things to be excited about, and a few not so exciting things. Let’s start with the unpleasant first.

A few weekends ago Brian was out playing with his roller hockey league when he calls me on the phone. I’m thinking it’s him replying to my numerous calls and texts telling him our stove is on the fritz and that it won’t turn on without me punching the button reeeeeally hard. So I answer the phone like, “HeyyeathestoveisbrokenandwhatarewegonnadobecauseIcantcookdinner” and he’s like “Babes, I got hit in the face with a full speed hockey puck.” I screeched “What? Where? How? Who did it and did he apologize?” He got hit above the lip and the puck literally pierced a small hole in his face, kind of like where a monroe piercing would go. I then proceeded to completely loose it because I was imagining his face bloody and broken, maybe a few teeth needing to be replaced or even worse, losing his eyesight. He already has really bad vision and needs the strongest prescription eye wear and without 2 eyes it would be really hard to see.  So he tells me he’s going to the ER and I’m like, “Ok, I’m going to meet you there!” And I’m crying and punching the stove that I finally turned on because it now won’t turn off and I’m breaking my nails and my hands hurt really bad but that’s nothing compared to what Brian is feeling. In the car, I’m crying all the way to the hospital because last time I was at a hospital for an injury, my sister’s husband died and I am wondering what if Brian goes into a coma, has a brain injury or looses an eye or something that will change his life. But rest assured, he only needed one stitch and to swish with saline and take an antibiotic for a week. HOLY CRAP we were relieved. When he swished though the water literally came squirting out of the hole and his lip and face was swollen for a few days afterwards. But now it’s healed and the stitch dissolved and he’s fine. But shit, am I a pro at going from 0 to 60 in 2 seconds or what? I wish I had better stress management skills.

Then yesterday, I worked a shift at work for overtime and Brian went snowboarding. And by the time we both got home it was pretty nice out, about 50 degrees. So we had the side door open for the dogs to play outside and on the deck. The next thing we notice, we hear Mabel licking the hell out of something and when I go to see what she’s getting into, I notice blood on her paw. She’s licking the heck out of her foot. And when I go to inspect it, there’s the hugest, deepest gash I’ve ever seen! She somehow cut her foot outside on something (I think?) so that the webbing and part of the side of her toe are split apart from the rest. She’s really in pain because she’s giving me that look with her ears back and her eyes all blinky so we call the vet but they aren’t in on a Saturday. We had to call the emergency vet and take her in. They were really nice and fairly quick. We had the option of either just cleaning it and checking it everyday or putting her out to get some stitches which would be best since it would have a better chance at healing. We decided to have her get the stitches. I left there really sad and anxious because I keep thinking irrational what-ifs, as usual. What if they mistake her for another boston terrier that’s being put to sleep? What if she dies from the anesthesia? What if what if what if!!?!

But as you can see she’s doing fine and got a big pink bandage covering some stitches. She’s going to have to be crated during the week now which will probably be worse for her than anything else.

And the final piece of this story is about our house hunting. It’s good and it’s bad. The bad is that we went to see the most perfect house (I’ll be posting more details about it Wednesday) and we liked it so much we were going to put an offer on it. When our realtor called the seller’s agent, they said that a signed agreement of sale just went through not even 30 minutes ago so we were basically looking at a dream house that wasn’t available any more. My heart broke and I was really fucking sulky for the rest of the night and next day. The next day at work, Brian texted me that another awesome house just went up and of course I’m like ok let’s go after work. Buying a house is seriously all about timing and being first. It was only 5 minutes away from where I worked. Score. When we got there we were the first people ever to see this house but there was another stupid fucking couple sitting in their car waiting outside for us to leave so they could take a tour too. We basically felt rushed as hell to look at this house because those other people were waiting for us to finish and we were late because I had to work till 5. Brian got there at 4:30 so who knows how long those people were there.

But I was again really fucking mad because I just knew that those other people were going to snatch this house out from under us too. I mean, why the hell not? It’s been happening left and right with every house we really like. So I hardly looked around at the details because I didn’t want to get my hopes up. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to not get your hopes up either, people. So after our really quick look around we decided that yes, we were going to put in an offer. So we left and I peeled out (unintentionally of course, I swear) in front of the house like “SCRRREEEEEETCH!”  and those other people and their realtor turned around to look at me. God, I felt like a tool shed but I was just so not in the mood for having my heart broken again. Then when we get home Brian goes, “What if those people tell the sellers you peeled out in front of the house and they don’t want to have people like us living in their neighborhood?” I’m like FUUUUCK I will kill myself if we don’t get this house because of something stupid I did.


Our offer was accepted and given that all the inspections pass, and the house isn’t going to sink or something, and no one pulls out or some other horrible thing happens, the house is ours. We got a house! And those other stupid people who were there looking at the house can suck a big one!

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