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February 19, 2016

I don’t have enough interesting and fun links to create a Bookmark Dump post today so I thought I’d write a regular old life update.

I just really love this picture, like a lot. He’s so cute, his legs are so chubby, my hair’s a mess, no makeup and I don’t care. He stands really well when you hold him up and it’s funny at the same time at how short he is, all of 2 feet haha. Like, I imagine if babies could actually walk this early, it’s like a little Chucky doll running around the house with a knife and I lol.

Anyway, it’s been pretty warm lately so that means lots of walks in the stroller (he’s getting heavy so using the Moby hurts my back a bit – which BTW I STILL feel my epidural site ugh). I need a haircut desperately. My hair is falling out in chunks so I think a cut will help reduce the mess. It’s literally everywhere. On the dogs, on the baby, in my underwear, on plants, yes plants, in the vacuum clogging it something awful. Even if my hair is in a bun, it still somehow manages to get on things.

Brian’s been in Florida again for work this week and will be back tonight. It wasn’t so bad being alone with Lachlan, only that I have to scarf down every meal because he always seems to wake up or fuss after I’m done cooking and ready to eat. And I lock the house DOWN when I’m here alone. Like, sliding doors have wooden sticks wedged in, windows no matter how high are locked, lights are left on in all rooms and outside. I am more nervous now being alone with Lachlan here because the mama bear in me kicks in and I’m ready to attack and kill anything that enters here unannounced.

We are making over our bedroom (post coming next week!) so I’ve been on a personal mission to find the perfect decorations for our room at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, HomeGoods, and World Market. And these trips helped me figure out when it’s best to leave the house based on Lachlan’s sleep schedule. And so far we haven’t had any melt downs because I leave right after he eats and then he just zzzzzzzz the entire time.

But yea, that pic <3

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