Around Here: The house, Easter, and Stitches

April 7, 2013

So we are still in the process of finalizing the purchase of our new home. It passed inspection and now we are waiting for the appraisal. We are also hoping that the sellers won’t actually take the full 90 days to move out like they said in the contract because we want to move in like, now. Those scary, horrendous, giant, terrifying and ugly millipedes are back and they come in the house and scare the ever loving shit out of me!!!

Last weekend we went home for Easter and got to spend time with our nieces. I can’t believe how fast they are growing! The oldest one is starting to get a little shy where she realizes she is the center of attention and doesn’t really like it (sounds a LOT like me at get-togethers so I took advantage and spent some time with her away from the cacophony). So we went downstairs to see the dogs and play air hockey, with her own rules of course πŸ˜‰ But seeing her shyness brought me back to my young days when I was painfully shy. One time stands out in my memory where I was at Sunday school where my parents left me ALONE without them, the nerve!Β  And I was so upset over it that I stood in the corner because I didn’t know anyone. All I wanted was my mom and it was just awful! I’m pretty sure she won’t be that shy, I don’t think anyone could be but weirdo-me, but it is fun to see her developing.

And the younger one who had a few heart surgeries is doing great. She’s crawling, always smiling, and saying one syllable words. Brian told me he “talked” to her on the phone one day and she went “BA!!” he thought that was pretty funny. But seeing the girls together scares the hell out of me of ever having 2 kids one day because they can be a handful! I don’t think I’d be too sad if it turned out to be a one-and-done type of deal for us. But who knows.

And finally, Mabel is all better. If you remember, she had stitches put in her foot a few weeks ago and it was a real pain in the ass to keep her from chewing on her bandage (not even the biggest cone could stop her!) but she had the stitches removed on Thursday and the gash is pretty much healed up. We found a piece of broken terracotta pot down where we think she got hurt, but I’m still not sure that’s what cut her. The edges didn’t seem all that super sharp where her cut looked like a razor sliced it. But we are all the more looking forward to moving to our new house with a grass yard that doesn’t have TONS of stupid ivy growing on the ground. This ivy makes it really hard to see things that are hiding below the leaves (including poop) so it’s like a minefield out there! Plus it’s ugly as hell. But living in the woods prevents the sunlight from shining so real grass won’t grow around this neighborhood where we are renting.

But spring is slowly starting to show itself around here and I am feeling happy about that. It’s amazing what a little sunlight and warmth can do for your mood.

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