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September 28, 2013

Chihuahua photo bomb // crock pot chowder // new book to read

I’ve been totally sucked into TV this week that I forgot to post a Bookmark Dump yesterday. That sounds completely pathetic too but I don’t care. I take my TV watching seriously. Between the Dexter finale, Sons of Anarchy (we somehow totally missed the premier because we thought it was coming out later this month) and we are also starting to re-watch Breaking Bad from season 1. I can’t believe tomorrow is the last Breaking Bad ever! I’m so fucking sad! And as for Dexter…I cried my face off!!!! No major spoilers, but I totally loved the way it ended. Lots of people complained about it though, but what did you expect out of a serial killer? Β A happy ending?

I’ve been keeping up with couch to 5k except I only did 3 days this week instead of my usual 4, and I also will have to repeat week 3 next week. I can’t finish the 2nd 3 minute run. I’m just out of breath and can’t do it. It’s frustrating because I burned more calories doing the shorter runs than these longer run because I can run faster. But I am starting to think I may not be able to physically do a full 5k because of my breathing issues so right now I’m not very sure of myself. But I am feeling pretty good about doing the 20 minute workouts so if I can just keep that much up I’ll be happy.

I think the exercising is also helping with my headaches. I’m down to 20 mgs of my migraine meds from 50, and next week it will be down to 10mgs then I’m off completely the week after. Then…..maybe… making time? I don’t know I gotta see how I feel. But a year ago, I tried going off just to see if I could do it, and when I got to where I am now I was having headaches all the time. So the only thing I can think of that’s different between then and now is the running. So who knows.

Work is still driving me nuts. Even more so this last week because I kept getting different answers from different people regarding leaving early and my paid time off. Is it too much for a straight answer? Apparently it is. Let me explain. My shift is 9-5. I come in at 8:30 to do 30 minutes of over time (which isn’t a lot but it makes a decent difference in my check) and I still stay till 5. But sometimes on the Friday’s that Brian has off, I like to leave early at 4:30. So I’ve heard people saying that as long as I do my 8 hours, I’m fine to leave. And my supervisor has let me leave early before no questions asked. Except last Friday. He now tells me that even though I did the 8 hours, they will have to take 30 minutes out of my PTO because I’m obligated to work my 9-5 shift. I’m like, what the fuck, how does that make any sense? Β I came in early, why can’t I leave early? So basically to get right to the point of this stupid bullshit, I emailed HR, specifically asked them, they said it was ok to leave early as long as I do my 8 hours (which I always do) and then I forwarded that whole conversation to my supervisor and said, I’d like to leave at 4:30. He was not happy. I don’t know if he was just misinformed or trying to come up with a way to keep me at work for those extra 30 minutes, but I was pissed and annoyed at the unfairness and different answers I get each time I ask about leaving early (which isn’t all the time). It’s not like the work I’m doing is urgent. If it was so urgent, then why am I the only one who does the task I do? So anyway, now there’s a new rule that I have to ask in advance, (I guess a day or so?) for the day I’d like to leave early instead of the day of. I’m sure that will change over time too. I’m just sick of the double standards and fucking politics of it all.


Well that about covers it. If you’re still here, enjoy your weekend!

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