Around Here: What the hell happened in Hemlock Grove?

April 28, 2013

This week was uneventful, but my sister decided to come up to visit for the weekend. And that means little Myla the pom got to meet her dog cousins! You can expect more cute pics later this week.

But earlier this week, we discovered a Netflix original series some of you may have already heard of, Hemlock Grove. I really wanted it to be cool because we LOVE binge watching shows like that. After all, Alexander Skarsgard‘s little brother, Bill, was in it (who by the way doesn’t really look like him in the face, but is super tall like him and sometimes their voices sound the same. Still cute though!). But after each episode, I kept asking questions like….. um, what the fuck just happened? I was left confused at the end of each episode. So of course, my stubborn self wanted to keep watching so I could get answers to those questions, but before we knew it, we only had 3 episodes left to go….and I STILL had no idea what was going on.

I fucking hate when this happens! And it happens more than I’d like to admit…when a movie or show will go on and on until nearly the end before telling you ANYTHING at all. It makes me feel like I have a learning disability because maybe I missed something really obvious, and frustrated because I keep having to ask stupid ass questions.

But I must be a glutton for punishment because I actually want there to be a 2nd season to answer my thousands of questions!! It was interesting and creepy and cool though. I think I want to rewatch it now that I sort of know what to expect.

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