Babymoon fail

August 9, 2015

This weekend was a total bust. We were booked at a hotel to spend the weekend in Granby, CO for a little babymoon. We wanted to have our “beach” experience at the lake there and rent a boat and spend some time in the sand (we’re both really missing the Jersey shore this summer, like really really bad and this was the next best thing for being in Colorado and not wanting to fly anywhere). So we packed up the car with food, the dogs, and drove 2 hours to Granby. The drive was uneventful, except having to stop to let me pee twice (little dude squishes my bladder so bad). We checked into our 1970’s styled room, unpacked our things and started thinking about where we’d want to go for dinner.

Our room was a studio style with a kitchenette and pull down murphy bed. Ok, that wasn’t a big deal, until I saw the bed ended up being 2 feet from the running fridge when it was pulled down. This would be a problem since I can hardly sleep as it is in pitch silence, let alone with a running motor 2 feet from my head. And even with ear plugs the frequency is low enough that I’d still hear it through them. Well, whatever it’s just for 3 nights. We could even leave a day early if we wanted. No big deal. I want to have a vacation!

Then something silvery caught my eye on the floor by the patio door. I noticed a bunch of movement by the dog beds. I went over to investigate and nearly gagged with disgust at the sight of hundreds of little gnats crawling all over their beds and blankets having their own vacation. Brian thought we brought the bugs in while we were moving our stuff from the car and crossing over the tall grass. For a split second I thought our dogs had brought these in on their bodies. But no way, our dogs are clean and I’d never allow a bug problem to get so bad. It was an infestation in our room. We immediately called the front desk and nicely asked what the holy fuck? And they nicely said, oh yea there’s an infestation problem in this area of the county this time of year. And we asked if they could maybe sorta do something about it? And they said, sure we’ll send someone to come clean them up.

So two guys came to our room to vacuum and spray stinky toxic bug killer all around the doors and windows, while Brian took the dogs for a walk and I sat outside on a patio chair crying (my hormones fucking suck right now.) I was furious and absolutely disgusted. I felt itchy all over. This was just unacceptable. I can handle stinky rooms, and lumpy beds, but bugs? I draw the line at bugs.

So after the exterminators left our room we were both left feeling completely disgusted, pissed, disappointed, and left wondering if we should stay. I absolutely didn’t want to stay in that room and they were somehow fully booked so they couldn’t move us anywhere else. But we had already unpacked our stuff and we had a boat rental ready for the next day. I was mostly just mad that we even had to be making this decision, and one hour after arriving!

We probably sat there for over an hour trying to come up with an idea on what to do. Other hotels in the area were either more money or wouldn’t allow dogs. So that was out. I said maybe we could stay just for one night and give it a chance, but if we did that, check out would be at 10am the next day and with the dogs (who we intended to leave in our room in their crates during the day so we could do things), we wouldn’t be able to bring them with us anywhere anyway. So why sleep in a shitty room for no reason when we could just go home? Then we saw 2 more gnats that they missed crawling on the carpet. That’s when we ultimately decided to leave. We lost $90 for that night but weren’t charged for the other 2 nights. I would’ve happily paid $90 NOT to sleep in that room. The front desk ladies were totally understanding and nice about it too. They probably have people leaving all the time due to bugs!

As we were leaving Brian said he should’ve listened to the online reviews others left about the hotel. But most of them just complained about the rooms being old and outdated. I went and read them myself, and only one said something about bugs. We’ll have to leave our own then.

Now we’re stuck at home this weekend and have no idea if or where we’ll get to go on another mini trip before the baby comes. I’m only going to get more and more uncomfortable as the third trimester comes along so who knows?

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