Blogging things that make you go, Huh?

May 19, 2015

1. In Google Analytics when you find really strange keywords and phrases or website referrals that brought people to your blog.

2. When you are added to a twitter list that you are pretty sure you don’t belong in….
Apparently I’m a member of Blythe Dolls, Jewelry Artists, British Subculture Style, and Check Out Our Funny Pics.

3. When your feed stats show you that one of your most viewed posts is, what you’d consider to be, actually quite mediocre and what you thought to be the most amazing post has hardly any views.

4. The sheer amount of spam comments your spam filter weeds out. It’s CA-RAZY how much time people have on their hands. And they’re always posting on really old posts too.

5. When someone favorites/likes a tweet/Instagram pic from over 3 years ago.  It’s just very very creepy.

6. When you get an email from a company that has absolutely nothing to do with what you blog about, but wants to pay you to let them write a guest post for your blog (that would probably end up getting a shit ton of posts, per #3. Go figure).


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