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May 21, 2017

Better late than never! I meant to have this ready for you on Friday, I sowwy. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that we had a huge springtime snowstorm. This isn’t new to me, it’s a typical occurrence here in Colorado. But usually they say we are safe from snow after Mother’s Day. Well, Colorado just showed us!

14 people’s lives that will make yours seem normal as fuck

Which classical character are you?
I got Medea haha!
Passionate and hot-tempered you’ll do anything to get what you want and to punish those who’ve done you wrong.
You are cunning with a powerful grasp of the dark arts. Beware anyone that gets in your way!

No-bake chocolate chip granola bars

Trump stress doll
I could sure use a new pin cushion!

Do you have a mailbox down the street? Are you super lazy like me?
Sign up for Informed Delivery and receive daily emails
of what’s coming in the mail to see if it’s worth the walk.

11 electrifying facts about jellyfish

Sweet video shows a normal day from both mom’s and kid’s perspectives.
This made me start thinking differently about doing the same boring (to me) things everyday.

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