Bookmark Dump: Swedish fish jello shots, pygmy goats, and a Star Wars lightswitch

March 29, 2013

It’s finally Friday! For some reason this week seemed to go by really slow. Tuesday felt like Friday so you can imagine how slow it must have felt. Ugh. I hate when that happens. Anyway, we are going to have Easter dinner with our parents this weekend so we’ll be leaving tomorrow. I don’t really even care about Easter but it’s a fun excuse to see family and eat some delicious food. And I know my mom is probably gonna have a ton of Easter candy lying around so…

This is such a cute stone planter. And it’s on sale.

Here’s another soup recipe I wanna try: Cheesy vegetable chowder by Lulu the Baker.

Swedish Fish jello shots?!? Um, hell yea! Let’s get drunk and make some bad decisions….
Or just get a headache and go to bed earlier than normal. Regardless, thanks Erica!

For all of 5 minutes, I considered getting a pygmy goat…but then I figured that 2 dogs is enough.

Looking for a way to save all of 5 seconds? Get this banana slicer I pinned to my Bitch Please, This Is Impossible Or Just Plain Stupid pin board

A great list of 25 free handwritten fonts.

I’m making this Star Wars lightswitch.

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