Bookmark Dump: Shower curtains, car garbages, and sand bowls

May 17, 2013


I’ve become obsessed with choosing a theme for our bathroom. Every time I think I found the shower curtain that will work, I find another one I like better (and my At Home Pinterest board shows that lol). But it wasn’t until last night when I found the shower curtain below on Amazon and I was sold. I still want to do a similar theme as the bathroom above, with the two tone walls, white furniture and that long shelf.

I need and want to get this cute car garbage made by MyBeautifulGirl!

Next time you go to the beach, bring home some sand and make one of these sand bowls.

14 foods you should never eat. Interesting and scary. Especially about the strawberries. Ick.

Stolen keys, ID, and phone? Pssh I got this. Good to know! I often think about this.

I like Katie’s post on being happy with a quiet life.

This cracks me up!! If humans crossed the street like animals.

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