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October 18, 2013

Ah yes, Halloween is just around the corner and with Halloween comes Halloween parties. I had anxiety all damn week because we were invited to my brother in law’s birthday/Halloween party next weekend and I didn’t have a costume. So I was agonizing all week about what I should be and how much money it will cost and if I could actually find something NOT slutty because I fucking hate sluts. And I happened to find this adorable lady garden gnome costume at Target which also comes with the option for a man…aka my husband…to be the boy garden gnome. So we are going as garden gnomes! D’aw how cute.

This Freddy and Jason print just melts my heart!

If these horrifying old-timey Halloween costumes don’t scare the shit out of you…
well then I don’t know but you might still wanna check your pants anyway.
(This was my second costume choice, but I couldn’t find anywhere to get one of these masks and I certainly don’t know how to make one because they look molded. Things were just naturally creepy back then).

Enjoy some haunted wines at your next Halloween party. I especially like the rat poison label.

I love Gloria’s little curated finds, especially these savory Halloween treats.

Does your pup need a costume? You might want to try this adorable hula dog Halloween costume! Awww!

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