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June 14, 2013

This week was pretty low key. It rained a ton and I haven’t been all that much inspired to blog lately. But we watched Warm Bodies, which was surprisingly pretty good, and season 3 of Game of Thrones. I still can’t get over episode 9, btw. WTF!!??

Monty or Mabel, we’re pretty sure it was Mabel, wanted to watch a movie too so while we were at work one day, she took it upon herself to open up our latest Netflix dvd and chewed it to shit! I didn’t know she wanted to watch The Impossible so bad. She’s been acting out and chewing on our stuff lately which isn’t like her. I feel bad though because she’s probably just bored while we are gone all day.

Anyway, Brian and I are constantly reminding each other of how many days we have left till closing on our house (1 week 6 days!). So naturally, all I can think about are home-related projects and decorating ideas. Here’s some of my recent finds and faves. Who knows, maybe you’ll see my own version of one of these in the future. Have a great weekend!

I love how easy they make it look to redo a front yard garden in this Curb Appeal Series.

I also love the look of these wall shelves from Urban Outfitters.

Jen did such a great job repainting her front door! Plus, it’s my favorite color.

I had no idea something like this existed! Spray paint for fabric and without the stiffness.

I am crazy about this concept of a doggie gate pocket door.

And this dog bowl roll out drawer? GENIUS!
Instead of tripping over bowls, put them in a bottom cabinet drawer.

A great idea: Add chalk paint to the inside of your medicine cabinet.

Another great idea: use shallow crates for wall shelving.

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