Bookmark Dump: Beautiful buildings, two-player games, and stop apologizing

April 1, 2016

Happy April Fools Day! Hope no one got tricked too bad or pulled a fake pregnancy announcement. Those aren’t funny.
Let’s see, Brian is home from another week away, I have a box of yarn coming my way, and it’s Friday so I’m happy.
Also, I will be drawingΒ the winner of the Stitch Fix credit giveaway later today. Check your emails!

The most beautiful building in every state

The best two-player games for couples to play at home

Kate wrote this great article:
Pay me what you owe me: On asking bloggers to shill for your brand for free

25 things we need to stop apologizing for

The “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” trailer is creepy in all the right ways

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