Bookmark Dump: Being judged online, a koozie for knitters, and a rap song about Barb

September 2, 2016

I’m so excited because I booked a photographer to take some fall pictures of us later this month. I’m going to use one for our Christmas cards and keep the others to go gaga over because of how cute Lachlan will be. I already have his outfit planned and everything. I always thought I would be that crazy mom wanting pictures at every holiday and well, I haven’t proved myself wrong haha.

If you’re terrified you’ll be judged online, then you need to slow down, have a vodka & read this immediately.

I’ll take one of these knitting koozies

Already started thinking of birthday party ideas for Lachlan!
I’m thinking airplanes would be a cute theme.

Brainless chicken tortilla soup for when you’re too tired to cook

Pumpkin owl is the cutest owl!

An interesting study: Women have 29% chance of conceiving naturally after undergoing assisted conception

A song about Barb from Stranger Things

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