Bookmark Dump: Bill Murry, Stem Pen, and Infertility Humor

May 9, 2014

Holy crap this week went really fast for whatever reason and I almost forgot to put this post together.

This week we had 4 house showings and one more tomorrow but still no offer! I’m getting a little scared as to what’s turning these people away. But I realize its still early in the process. All I know is that when we found this house we put in an offer that same hour. And it’s so hard to keep our house in pristine condition inside in the event someone wants to see the house while we’re at work and I can’t be around to clean up. So I’ve been living like I’m in a museum and as much as it sucks, it’s pretty damn nice in here!

The many faces of Bill Murray

Who were you in a your past life?
I was a Greek philosopher. Woo!

Look at this stem pen!

Good to know: How long will it take to watch
Can I get the 3 days and 18 hours it took to watch Lost back please?

Some infertility humor. This is way too accurate.

I found this blog by searching through infertility hastags on instagram.
She just had her 5 day IVF blastocyst transferred and I’m so rooting for her
to get her positive pregnancy test soon!

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