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March 28, 2014

This was the first week in a long time where I had something to post everyday. Reminds me of the (sorta) good old days when I was unemployed. I’m thinking there’s less than 4 months or so till I’m done with my current job. Then it’s back to being unemployed and in a new state. I’m already planning my to-do crochet list! But more importantly, I think it’s time we start looking more seriously at houses we want to check out when we visit Colorado in a month or so. It all makes my stomach flip-flop with anxiety because of the added challenge of being 1700 miles away and we can’t just quickly drive by to see if it’s worth our time getting the realtor to show us the inside. Fun times are ahead!

Makeover your bookcase with fabric backing on cardboard.

These tribal moccasins are so cute!! Click for the free pattern.
Maybe I’ll make this a crochet along project whenever I decide to start those back up.

Young people swap clothes with their Grandparents.

I love this no-sew Kermit pillow. Awww!

Don’t throw out your yarn ends – Save them for the birdies and their nests.

Thanks Caitlin for sharing this redonkulous video with me lmao!

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