Bookmark Dump: Creamsicle cupcakes, painting straight lines, and crafty desk accessories

June 28, 2013

It’s moving day!! I wrote this post on Wednesday night in case I couldn’t get to the computer Thursday. If all went to plan, we should have closed on our house Thursday afternoon and today we’ll be moving in. I’ll post pictures next week and about the things I learned from buying our first house. I’ve been feeling like a crazy person this last week from nerves and excitement. Plus, we’ve been eating like shit since who wants to grocery shop a few days before you move? So we’ve been eating out everyday this week. I’ll be happy when it’s over.

Look at these adorable creations by Nicole Gastonguay.

These creamsicle cupcakes look SO amazing and are almost too pretty to eat.
Who am I kidding? I would eat them hardcore.

How to paint stripes and perfectly straight lines in 6 steps. Very useful!

I gotta find baskets like these to embroider on. They are so pretty.

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