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August 2, 2013

Since Wednesday it felt like Friday. I hate when that happens! I’m starting to feel burnt out at work. I know this because I get super annoyed at the dumbest of things,  like how often the janitor vacuums. It’s basically, numerous times a day everyday and I can’t freakin stand it anymore. I left my desk to go to the kitchen for a break from the noise I can hear through my earbuds,  when guess who comes in to vacuum the kitchen? Gahhh!

We’re planning on going to a lake this weekend and renting a little motor boat to ride around. We realized we haven’t done many outdoor activities since we moved in here because we’re always going to damn Home Depot for paint. Other than that, we don’t have any other plans. Enjoy your weekend, friends.

From drab to fab: Folding chair makeover. These are amazing! I love the look of the mixed fabrics too.

Look at this guy! I’m crazy about him. DIY Robot Craft Desk Organizer. So cute.

I’m not a fan of eggplant but these mashed potatoes with eggplant look amazing.

Quite possibly the cutest and tiniest of Toms ever.

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