Bookmark Dump: Crochet foxes, sloppy joe topped potatoes, and watermelon cupcakes

June 5, 2015

I wish I was more interesting on here lately, but I’ve been busy with (driving to and from) work and it’s really exhausting so I haven’t been feeling up to anything more than instagramming and lying on the couch when I’m home. I’m feeling good though when I don’t have headaches. I also think I’m starting to feel the baby kick. It’s hard to tell though because it feels just like gas. Anyway, I’m pretty smitten with the finds in this week’s dump.

I would love to find some tea tins to make these magnetic containers

Isn’t this the cutest little fox ever?

I saw diagonalley post a pic on instagram with a version of this sloppy joe sweet potato and was instantly drooling

I like this bookish shirt

These watermelon cupcakes look delicious and adorable

This is me anytime I go in a store lol

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