Bookmark Dump: Free online craft classes & mitten kits

January 21, 2017

I wish I had more links to share! I haven’t been online much this last week. I’ve been trying to get crochet projects done, I’m doing a knitting challenge, and I need to get my exercise in and we’re down to one nap a day so I have to pick what I reeeeally wanna do the most during that nap, and this blog takes a back seat right now I guess. Hope you have a super weekend!

Harvard is offering a free online digital photography course
“Enjoy this free 12-module Harvard photography course covering topics in digital photography, including exposure settings, reading histograms, learning about light, how sensors and lenses work, and how to post-processing photos.”

Check out this list of 34 free crafty online classes on Instructables

Such a cute mitten kit!

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